December 1, 2014

Why the Home Team?

by Clint Archer

People who know me well chuckle when they hear that I’ve written a book “about sports.” I am the least competent participant in any sport they’ve seen me attempt. But The Home Team: God’s Game Plan for the Family is not about sports; it’s about the one-flesh union of a biblical marriage as it affects unity of the whole family.

The content is culled, not from my experience, but my inexperience.

As a young pastor I was forced to rely entirely on Scripture in order to provide guidance to people who had been married for longer than I had been alive, and who had kids older than me.

And yet, I found the Bible was all I needed to provide help to marriages and family situations I encountered. And it’s all based on the family functioning as a team.

Here is a video I did for Shepherd’s Press Publishers, explaining a bit more about the book….

Clint Archer

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Clint has been the pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church since 2005. He lives in Durban, South Africa with his wife and four kids.
  • pearlbaker

    Thank you so much for this video! It is so helpful and timely to me as I needed to pass it on to a man in our church who is well-educated in biblical counseling but has had little support in practice of it because he has not yet been married or had children. I believe this C-Gate and hopefully this book will be a blessing to him. By the way, I had not heard your voice until now and it was an easy listen!

    • Wow, I am so blessed by this comment. My mom calls my accent “mongrelised” so it’s good to know I”m comprehensible to an American!

  • Jane McCrory Hildebrand

    My son-in-law is loving the book as the father of a new little boy and an avid sports fan. And yeah, I also loved the accent, very cool!

    • I’m so glad he’s enjoying it. Maybe you should buy him another copy in case he wants to read it again. 😉

      • Jane McCrory Hildebrand

        If you take your wife to a nice restaurant instead of one that serves happy meals, I’ll buy one for my son as well. 🙂

        • Ha! You’re funny. Every meal with my wife is a happy meal!