October 24, 2014

Voddie Baucham: Gay is Not the New Black

by Mike Riccardi

Baucham PreachingBack in 2012, Voddie Baucham, Pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas, wrote an excellent article in reply to the oft-repeated claim that homosexual “marriage” is an issue of civil rights, akin to the plight of African-Americans in the 1960s. Responding to a popular article written in 2008, Baucham titled his article, “Gay is Not the New Black.” If you haven’t read that article, or if you don’t quite know how to respond to the accusation that your failure to enthusiastically celebrate homosexuality is the same as being a racist, be sure to read it today.

This week, Grace Family Baptist Church hosted their Semper Reformanda conference, addressing the topic, “Civil Authority and Christian Responsibility: Religion & Politics.” Pastor Voddie delivered a pair of addresses on the subject of homosexuality and how Christians should be thinking about the issue. I found both of the talks enlightening, well-researched, and instructive. These seminars are very capable tools for equipping God’s people to be salt and light in our world, faithfully representing God’s Word on this issue to a culture that wants nothing to do with truth.

Pastor Voddie takes on all the common questions and sound-byte arguments that homosexual activists are fond of leveling against the biblical position, including some questions which we’ve answered here on The Cripplegate (e.g., Why do you even care?, You’re just picking and choosing which Bible commands to follow!, But love is love!, and Jesus didn’t even address homosexuality!). Baucham answers these and other arguments ably and faithfully, modeling for God’s people how we can respond to these questions as well. The videos are worth the two hours they’ll take to listen to. I trust you’ll be benefited by listening.

Gay is Not the New Black

Beyond the Rhetoric: Applying Biblical Truth to the Homosexual Debate

Mike Riccardi

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Mike is the Pastor of Local Outreach Ministries at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles. He also teaches Evangelism at The Master's Seminary.
  • Jon Knight

    Thanks for posting these videos! They were greatly helpful and encouraging. I already have in mind people who I will share these with. Thanks!

  • Lorraine Fluet

    These were excellent! This topic came up in my Bible study class yesterday and he addresses several points that were made. Thank you so much for posting!

  • Linda Redondo

    Loved this Pastor at the conference! Been looking for it and so glad you sent it!!!

  • Thanks so much for this, Mike.

  • elainebitt

    I cannot understand the “second way they beg the question” in the first video, at 34min: “homosexuals are denied a fundamental right when they are not allowed to marry”.

    Could someone explain it to me? I cannot understand his explanation.


    • Sure Elaine. Voddie’s point is that nobody has ever suggested that homosexuals shouldn’t get married. Neither has anyone ever denied them that right. The fact is, they don’t want to get married. They want to form a union with another person of the same sex. By definition, that is not marriage. But they want to call it marriage. And that’s begging the question, because it’s presuming that the definition of marriage is in flux and not fixed.

      But if we recognize that marriage is a life-long covenantal union between one man and one woman, we recognize that if a man who identifies as homosexual desires to be married, he is free (as long as he’s of age) to marry any woman who consents. But because he’s not romantically or sexually interested in a woman, he simply chooses not to exercise his right to be married. Does that make sense?

      Here’s a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcs1K7Gi9Pg) by Ryan Anderson that makes the same point very well, especially at the 2:40 mark, and then again at the 3:50 mark.

      Let me know if that helps.

      • elainebitt

        It does help Mike, thank you. Voddie threw me off when he started quoting from Ohio (or was it Wysconsin, can’t remember) definitions.

        I had never heard of Ryan Anderson before, it looks like there are more to watch on this talk on marriage, I will watch those as well.

    • 4Commencefiring4

      A person who doesn’t want to own a gun still has a constitutional right to own one, and the laws that regulate the purchase of guns apply equally to him, as they also do to the gun enthusiast. I don’t want to be a pilot, but the laws and regulations of becoming one apply to me anyhow.

      Marriage laws apply equally to all–no matter who you are. Those laws say, for instance, that one cannot marry someone who is already married, or who is underage, or who is dead, or who is a close family member, etc. And “marriage” cannot involve two people of the same sex…unless we’re going to change the definition of the word “marriage” to mean what it’s never meant before.

      If the argument now is, “Why not redefine?”, then we open the largest can of worms imaginable because not just the sex of the participants would be open to change, but the number, age, and species of the participants would also be. And there are already people who advocate that those barriers should be eliminated, too. Some want “age of consent” laws dropped, and I’ve seen shows about people who are actually in love–desperately in love–with inanimate objects: cars, walls, paintings, mirrors, whatever. It takes all kinds to make a world, and to many of them, two people of opposite sexes can’t be all there should be to “marriage.”

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  • tovlogos

    Thanks Mike — I didn’t see any videos the first time Cripplegate posted a similar article. I’ll take a look.
    To suggest that Jesus didn’t address the subject of homosexuality is a very naive understanding of Scripture; or it’s playing games — in many of the cases where I have heard someone indicate that…
    But of course our Lord did when He endorsed marriage between male and female in Matthew 19. However, even if He had not mentioned this passage in Matthew, not to mention the general notion of perversion; the naivety shows itself because of the fact that the Bible is one Book inspired by One Author. Clearly “belief” is God’s concern. It makes no sense for God to discriminate against the creatures He made, when the obvious part of “racial” formation is clearly environmentally induced.
    Living in hot African expanses under a blazing sun for centuries, compared to living where the summers are but a few weeks, fro centuries, also has it ramifications.
    Similarly, embracing “sin” as something good, has its ramifications as well — even to the physiological level. To look at the thread that connects the utter biblical denunciation of homosexuality, which crescendos in 1Corinthians 6, where it is announced that they, in that condition, will not enter the kingdom of God. That should at least be food for thought on the part of active homosexuals. But of course it’s not always that simple.

    • Jas25

      The largest proof in my mind against a lot of these redefinition arguments is that the redefinition being proposed always makes the the word void of meaning in its context.

      In this case, Jesus isn’t quoted as specifically speaking against homosexuality. However, he does speak against sexual immorality. People want to redefine that to be sexuality outside of a committed relationship.

      Now look at some examples:

      Mark 7:20-23
      Adultery and sensuality are listed separately from sexual immorality, so if that’s all it means than sexual immorality was redundant.

      Matthew 15:19-20
      Again, adultery (while obviously sexual immorality) is shown to be less than the entire definition of sexual immorality or it wouldn’t need to be listed separately.

      Our modern definition of what is sexually immoral is much narrower than it was during the time when Jesus was quoted in being opposed to it. Therefore, we shouldn’t apply the world’s current definition to a quote spoken when homosexuality was considered among the most depraved of sexual immoralities (Romans 1:26).

      • tovlogos

        Amen brother — Agreed. Actually, I was indicating that when I said:

        “But of course our Lord did when He endorsed marriage between male and female in Matthew 19. However, even if He had not mentioned this passage in Matthew, not to mention the general notion of perversion…”

        I could have expatiated further. But you did a good job — Thanks.


  • Joey Cusenza

    I can’t wait! Thanks for the post!

  • tovlogos

    I listened to the first video, Mike. Brilliant, but better than that — Voddie is truly saved, and blessed.
    I could see homosexuals in the proverbial shadows, sticking their fingers in their ears, as Romans 1:28 loomed over their heads. I am convinced that homosexuality eventually becomes a full possession.

    Thanks again,


  • kevin2184

    “And such were some of you…” – 1 Corinthians 6:11

  • Robbie Blair

    It is important to remember that in the debate over homosexuals having the right to marry, the institution of marriage itself is under attack. This is an important issue because, as Voddie pointed out, marriage is an institution created by God himself, not by man. Therfore, in the issue itself, God has come under attack. I can not see God allowing what he has created be destroyed. God will protect what he has created and punish those who attempt to dishoner him by corrupting what he has created.

    • 4Commencefiring4

      But you realize, of course, that the gay community doesn’t accept–for the most part–the assertion that marriage was God’s idea. So they see it as purely a legal and “equal rights” matter.

      • Robbie Blair

        I do. I also understand, unfortunatly, that there ignorence will not gaurd them from Gods wrath. How then do we, as those who have been intrusted with the truth, bring this to there attention, or can we? Will they listen?

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