December 31, 2012

Top 10 posts of 2012

by C-Gate Links

Top TenHere is the list of our top ten posts of the year, as measured by WordPress’ stats for views. A quick note for other bloggers: WordPress, Google, and SiteMeter all measure views somewhat differently. I’m going with the WordPress stats for total views, and the google stats for unique views. In other words, the first number is how many times the post was viewed, and the second number is how many unique IP addresses viewed it..

010Four reasons my family trick-or-treats. Jesse explains why he lets his family dress like butterflies and go door-to-door, hitting people up for candy (8k/7.5k).

009Congratulations to Allyson Felix. Nate follows the biblical principle of “props where props are due,” and honors Allyson’s Olympic Gold. Allyson’s dad is Greek Professor at The Master’s Seminary (10k/8k).  

008Tattoos and skin deep hermeneutics. Clint points out that while there may be very good reasons for not getting a tattoo, the Levitical Laws against them are not a good place to start (11k/9.5k)

007Weeping with those who weep–a first hand response from Newtown. Pastor Joey Newton, from Newtown, explains how he counseled those in his community on the day of the shooting (14k/11k).

006Herding the elephants. Mike gives a comprehensive round-up of what other blogs had to say about the Elephant Room Debacle, including a chronological look at The Gospel Coalition’s response (or lack thereof) to their board members embracing heresy (15k/10k).

005Love, hate, and homosexuality. In response to the claim that legalizing gay marriage is loving, and condeming homosexuality is hate speech, Mike shows the real connections between love, hate, and homosexuality (15k/13k).

004Tebow Time: 10 thoughts and a cloud of dust. With Tebow’s throwing of 316 yards and his improbable (dare we say “miraculous”?) play-off run, Nate (a life-long Broncos fan) explores the evangelical tension seen in Tebow-mania (16k/14k).

0034 Thoughts for Chick-Fil-A Day. Jesse explains why he ate a Chick-Fil-A when Gov. Huckabee asked him too, and why it doesn’t really matter all that much (19k/17k).

002An open letter to my daughter. Byron posts a letter to his daughter explaining what kind of love has for her, and what kind of woman he wants her to become. Behind that letter is a (not so) veiled exhortation to fathers everywhere (23k/10k this year; 40k if you include last year).

017 questions from Christmas haters. There is a segment of evangelicals that refuse to celebrate Christmas. Jesse is not one of them, so he answers some of their common questions concerning the Christmas holiday (112k/64k this year; 128k if you include last year).

And, if you are curious, here is our list from 2011.

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  • I still think you should nix Halloween in light of shepherding your flock with an evening of sound teaching about the Reformation and its importance, instead of willingly subjecting your family to celebrating a pagan holiday, but as with so much in evangelical Christianity these days (such as obsession over homosexuality and chik-fil-a nonsense) I just don’t get why people waste their time the way they do (don’t even get me started on professional sports…). And aren’t there other more important topics to be covered? Doesn’t the Bible talk more about women wearing the veil than it does about homosexuality, yet this is just one of many Biblical topics cherry-picked in lieu of the hot topics of the day. I just don’t get why things like this get so much press.

    Anyhow, God bless you guys in the new year, and continue to keep Christ central.

    • Ha. Thanks neophutos. Ok, I should know better, but your comments are usually really good, so I’ll take the bait: How many verses talk about women in church wearing a veil, and how many talk about homosexuality?

      • Actually, he was given a thorough response (and a subsequent follow-up) on this thread as well. So, both his paganism of Halloween gripe and the head-covering issue have already been addressed.

    • And, I’d also like to point out that our post on the topic closest to veil wearing (Tattoos and skin deep hermenutics) got more views that the trick or treat one… 🙂

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