December 31, 2014

Top 10 posts of 2014

by Jesse Johnson

Top TenThe Cripplegate blog is in its fourth year, and our readership is increasing every month. But in looking back over 2014, we noticed something unusual: this year, many of our most read posts were actually from previous years. In fact, seven of our top ten posts were originally posted before 2014. People are finding them through Google searches and Facebook shares, meaning that our most helpful content is not even necessarily recent, but is in some ways timeless.

Here were our top ten most read posts of 2014, as measured by unique IP addresses to view them:  

010Five signs of spiritual maturity. This post is from our blog’s first year (2011), but was one of our blog’s most read posts this year. Clint gave five ways to identify spiritual maturity. Not only is this list helpful in examining yourself, but it goes beyond the basics of “likes reading the Bible” and gets into the motives that mark maturity.

009An open letter to my daughter. Byron Yawn wrote this letter to his daughter explaining what kind of love he has for her, and what kind of woman he wants her to become. Written in 2011, this has remained one of our blog’s most popular posts through the last few years (13,000 new views this year, and 71,000 views over the last three years).

008John MacArthur responds to John Piper regarding Strange Fire. After the Strange Fire conference, John Piper recorded a response to John MacArthur’s concerns raised in the conference (I honestly wonder if Piper had even heard much of the conference before making his remarks…). MacArthur boiled Piper’s response down to four concerns and wrote four of his own blog posts addressing those concerns. Our Cripplegate post summarizes those four MacArthur posts.

007Why we sing “I have Decided to Follow Jesus.” A look at the amazing international story behind this hymn. The words are from an Indian martyred for following the teaching of a Welsh missionary. They were set to music by an Indian evangelist and the song was taken by a Canadian and made popular in the US.

006John Wesley’s Failed Marriage. This post was from last year, but for mysterious reasons known only to the internet, more people (16,000) read it this year then when it was first posted.

005 Driscoll drama: to those who sold tickets. Our blog generally stayed away from the issues surrounding the (temporary) end of Driscoll’s pastoral ministry. In this post, Jesse made an appeal to those who promoted Driscoll’s ministry to see their role in this fiasco.

004Three must have Bible apps. This post from 2012 might be a little technologically dated, but apparently it remains helpful, with 16,500 unique readers this year.


003Is it true that Jesus never addressed homosexuality? Mike’s post from 2012 proved relevant this year. It was the most searched for post on our blog, and the third most read post from this year with 17,000 unique hits this year.

002Kristallnacht: The end of Christianity in Iraq. This year saw the Christian faith all but eradicated from Iraq. While the persecution had been gradually building for years, it came to a head on one particular weekend.

01So who exactly IS the mainstream of the charismatic movement? A common response to the Strange Fire Conference was to say that the conference unfairly portrayed the charismatic movement. The truth, this response went, was that most charismatics are careful and cautious with the gifts. Lyndon decided to check this story out by seeing who exactly the most popular charismatic Christians are (using Twitter followers), and then compared them to the more “careful” charismatics. The result is our most read blog post of the year, with 24,000 unique readers. .

If you are curious, here are our lists from 2013,  from 2012from 2011.

How about you? Did you have a favorite post from our blog this year?

Jesse Johnson

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Jesse is the Teaching Pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA. He also leads The Master's Seminary Washington DC location.
  • Lyndon Unger

    24,000 readers? Wow! I didn’t see the analytics of that!

    The 60+ hours of work that went into that paid off!

    Whup Whup!

  • Jason

    It’s great to see the signs of maturity post being viewed often. If we can get people following the right kinds of teachers who are demonstrating real, spiritual maturity it would dramatically cut the need for corrective posts on specific false teachings.

  • Frank

    I wondered if Piper listened to any of the conference also, when I listened to his response.

  • elainebitt

    It’s not an easy task to pick a favourite post. I really enjoyed the testimonies posted recently. I like the pastoral posts, and the fact that you guys are always addressing current issues. I can continue but I’d end up covering everything written here, and I’ve been around since the blog’s inception. =)

    I know that you guys have a busy life, it’s not like you sit in front of your computers thinking up stuff to write about, so I am really thankful for all that you do, and the time you take to reply to questions and comments here.


  • Win

    Really? Letterman?

  • Nancy Tyler

    It looks like the extra traffic for the John Wesley piece might have come from an April 2014 mention on the CharismaNews website and from being added to the footnotes on Wesley’s Wikipedia entry in July 2014.

  • Sam Hendrickson

    Heh. The last sentence of paragraph 1 is priceless…I thought mebbe it was going to be a call to do better writing now… 😀 Ok, actually, thoroughly enjoy the old and the new. Godspeed to you all…Sam Hendrickson

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