June 4, 2014

The Five-Minute Old Testament

by C-Gate Links

James Street, from The Master’s College and Seminary, made this five-minute summary of the Old Testament’s plot:


C-Gate Links


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  • Michael Roe

    Super great! Thanks for posting this. A great resource to teach the OT big picture to my kids.

  • Robert Carpenter

    Well done. It moved me. Thank you.

  • Wade

    I love you all at the Cripplegate! I think you missed it here though…a summary of the Old Testament that is Israel-centered instead of centered on Christ and the promises of the gospel that are all over the OT is the problem with dispensationalism.

    Respectfully, I submit this “tracing of the seed” video as a more accurate 5 minute summary of the Old Testament: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ow5GD76rhc

    • Jeff Schlottmann

      I don’t think it’s accurate to say one video is more accurate than the other. One video is the jet tour of the Old Testament, which includes Israel’s history. and the other is a jet tour of Jesus lineage. if both are correct then where’s the problem? especially when they’re both coming to the same conclusion of Christ being born and living on earth.

      A lot of ground was covered in the video on this site (and the other as well). It was well done made me want to keep listening.

      I for one am looking forward to the sequel to this 5 minute Old Testament video. Thanks cripplegate.