August 6, 2015

The Abortion Guarantee

by Lyndon Unger

I’ve written on a lot of issues and biblical passages on here over the last few years, but the one thing I haven’t tackled was the issue of abortion.  The reason I haven’t tackled it was because I didn’t have the time to explore the topic in the comprehensive manner that I normally lean towards (i.e. like this or this or this).  I still haven’t found the time, and the kind of post I’d like to write requires a lot of research.  I have started my research and wanted to share something that I’ve already learned:

The Abortion Guarantee.

It doesn’t take much reading of Scripture to learn that God has a heart for the widows, orphans, poor and oppressed.  In Scripture, God is abundantly clear in revealing his concern for those groups (Ex. 22:22-27, 23:1-3, 23:6-8, 23:10-11; Lev. 19:15, 23:22, 25:35-43; Deut 14:28-29, 15:7-15, 24:14-22; Ps. 9:9, 10:16-18, 34:4-7; 35:10, 41:1-3, 68:5, 103:6, 146:5-9; Is. 1:16-17, 10:1-4, 58:1-12; Jer. 7:5-7; Ez. 22:23-29; Zech. 7:9-10; Mal. 3:5; Mark 12:38-40; Rom. 15:25-27; Gal. 2:7-10; 1 Tim 5:3-8; James 1:27, 2:15-17, etc.).  The Lord hears their cries, comes to their aid, and is angry at those who mistreat them.

The Lord indeed comes to the aid of the widows, orphans, poor and oppressed, but there is a specific group of people that has a special place on his list of priorities, even above them:


God gets angry at the oppression and abuse of children.  God gets furious when they are killed.


Consider the following:

1. The nations living in Canaan were expelled from the land because of child sacrifice.

They were expelled for more than child sacrifice, but that’s one of four horrid practices listed in Lev. 18:19-29:

a. Sexual immorality (Lev. 18:19-20)

b. The sacrificing of children (Lev. 18:21)

c. Homosexuality (Lev. 18:22)

d. Bestiality (Lev. 18:23)

The people of Canaan were expelled from their land for those four practices, and Canada and the US already have already legalized and normalized 3/4 of those (and when it comes to legalized infanticide, we’re likely on the way).  Lev. 18:29 also makes it fairly clear that the destruction of the various people-groups in Canaan was due to an underlying universal principle, and I recently discussed this passage in far more detail here.

2. Israel was specifically warned against child sacrifice.

God explicitly warned Israel not to follow the example of the nations that came before them (Deut. 12:29-31), specifically singling out the pinnacle of their moral rebellion as “they even burn their sons and their daughters in the fire to their gods” (Deut. 12:31).  God restated a similar warning in Deut. 18:9-12, warning Israel to not “follow the abominable practices of those nations” (Deut. 18:9) since “because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you” (Deut. 18:12).

3. Israel didn’t heed the Lord’s warning and suffered for child sacrifice. 

Ps. 106:34-39 records how Israel “sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons” (Ps. 106:37) and as a result, God sent nations to oppress them several times (Ps. 106:40-43).  For example, King Ahaz went beyond the kings who came before him and “made offerings in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom and burned his sons as an offering, according to the abominations of the nations whom the Lord drove out before the people of Israel” (2 Chron. 28:3).

2 Kin. 17:7-8 comments on the situation that led to the captivity of the ten northern tribes.  The passage explains how Israel “walked in the customs of the nations whom the Lord drove out before the people of Israel” (2 Kin. 17:8-12) and the Lord repeatedly sent prophets and seers to warn Israel to “turn from your evil ways and keep my commandments and my statutes” (2 Kin. 17:13).  Those warnings not only fell on deaf ears (2 Kin. 17:14), but aggressively rebellious ears.  Israel willfully abandoned God’s commands and built the two golden calves, followed by the idols of Asherah and Baal (2 Kin. 17:16), and finally culminating in the burning of “their sons and their daughters as offerings” (2 Kin. 17:17).  That, combined with their practice of divination, is what provoked the Lord to anger and why he “removed them out of his sight” (2 Kin. 17:17-18).

4.  Judah also didn’t heed the Lord’s warning and suffered for child sacrifice.

Manasseh acted “according to the abominations of the nations whom the Lord drove out before the people of Israel” (2 Chron. 33:2).  The Chronicler comments on howhe burned his son as an offering and used fortune-telling and omens and dealt with mediums and with necromancers.”  This is what provoked the Lord to anger (2 Chron. 33:6).  Jeremiah spoke out, saying that the sin of Manasseh was responsible for the Lord sending multiple forms of destruction on Judah (Jer. 15:3-5). What’s even more alarming is that the passage opens up with the Lord saying that the coming judgment is assured since “Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my heart would not turn toward this people” (Jer. 15:1).  That same sentiment is expressed by Ezekiel (Ez. 14:12-23).

5.  How bad is the wickedness of child sacrifice?

God calls it unimaginable for him.

In Jer. 7:30-31, 15:3, 19:4-5 and Jer. 32:34-35 God speaks of the sacrifice of children as that “which I did not command, nor did it come into my mind.”

Now it’s not that God was somehow caught off guard by child sacrifice, but rather that God speaks of child sacrifice as “unimaginable” to show how wicked it is.  He makes the point four separate times when he speaks through his prophet Jeremiah.

6.  What is God’s response to child sacrifice?

I mentioned previously how Lev. 18:29 seems to suggest that child sacrifice is a horribly wicked sin; one at the level where any nation that commits it will face the wrath of God.  God warned Israel about the practice of child sacrifice, using the example of the Canaanite nations who came before them, repeatedly.

God is not just talk.

Yahweh Tsabot has some rather vivid words for those who offered their children as sacrifices to idols.  Speaking through Jeremiah, God states that the Valley of Ben Hinnom would be renamed the “Valley of Slaughter” because one day, it will be filled with the bodies of slain Israelites (Jer. 7:32-34 & 19:6-8).  Also, God spoke through Jeremiah that the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar was a direct result of their idolatry, culminating with their infant sacrifice (Jer. 32:26-35).

God spoke a similar sentiment through Ezekiel in Ez. 16:35-37 and Ez. 23:36-39.  Because Judah and Israel slaughtered their children, the Lord would bring other nations against them to conquer them.

So what is this “abortion guarantee”?

Well, I’d suggest that the numerous passages I’ve pointed to explicitly reveal, and exemplify, a universal principle:

God destroys nations that murder their children

That’s what happened to the various people of Canaan; they were punished unto the point of destruction.  If I had space, I’d make the case that the same thing has happened in a whole lot of other nations (i.e. Rome, for starters).

That’s what happened to Israel and Judah; their punishment lasted for generations; they were rebuilt only because of the promises of God to their forefathers.

Contrary to popular belief, the United States isn’t “the United States of Israel;” they don’t have a special relationship with God as Israel did.  Both Canada and the United States are Gentile nations.

When’s the last time you met a Hivite? How about an Amorite?

Unless God is gracious and grants repentance to Canada and the United States, the same thing that happened to the Hivites and Amorites must happen to Canada and the United States. Only Israel has lasted 3,000+ years.  Canada and the United States are just pushing past 300 (depending on where you mark the start of each) and I seriously wonder if either one will exist as a nation in another century.

I hope my exegetical offerings will help give some biblical weight to the importance of the issue.  Christians may yet be instrumental in God bringing out countries back from the brink of destruction.

Also, I’d like to offer three other short points to remember:

A.  People are people, known by God, before they’re formed in the womb (Jer. 1:5).

B.  An infant in the womb is a separate person to his/her mother (Ps. 22:10, 139:13; Luke 1:15).

C.  NO Christian can murder their children and still be in right standing with God (Ez. 23:38-39).

This post is just a short look at one facet of this issue, so speak up in the comments and share your thoughts!

And don’t worry.

Next Thursday’s post will be what the masses have been asking for.

I haven’t forgotten.

Lyndon Unger

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Lyndon is a pastor/teacher who’s currently between ministry work and in the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Witness Protection program. If you think you saw him didn’t.
  • Vinod Anand S

    Sobering reminder indeed. Correct me if I am wrong but if God brings judgement by foreign invasion like mentioned in the Bible or by the disintegration of the countries, then those who support and perform this evil practise are not only responsible for the murder of the babies but also for the result of that sin.

    I am not even living in America or Canada but I fear the possible coming of God’s judgement. However justice has to be done for this sin. Let our righteous Lord bring forth justice.

    As you have said God might relent from severe judgment if people repent or I think because of the presence of His people. Let His will be done.

    • Lyndon Unger

      Yeah. Those who perform evil are also responsible for the punishment and its after effects.

      God may relent, but a rather large number of people in power need to repent.

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  • Hi Lyndon,

    Regarding modern day Israel who has one of the most liberal laws on abortion (even subsidizes abortions for women 20-33 years old), would you say it will find God’s judgment during the 7 year tribulation if not before then?

    Also, would you mind clarifying point C at the end?

    • Lyndon Unger

      Hey Justin.

      Sure. I’d definitely say that abortion will play a part in Israel’s judgment. There’s certainly a whole lot of other factors, but Israel won’t be innocent when the judgment comes.

      Point C seems to be unnecessary, but on the Internet I’ve learned that nothing is obvious. Christians cannot have an abortion. Ever.

  • Suanne Rogers Barlow

    Aren’t we already experiencing His wrath in some definite ways through the violence we see on our own streets? There are known terrorists cells in the country. Madness is being witnessed almost daily at malls, schools, theaters. People are expressing and showing renewed hatred toward police and those in authority. We are witnessing more and more violence in our cities and the nation as a whole. Isn’t this a picture of the land trying to “vomit us out” of it for making legal something so heinous to God? The Supreme Court of this land declared violence on the most vulnerable in 1973. We have essentially terrorized ourselves. And this terror and violence is rightfully coming back upon us. O God have mercy. Bring repentance to our own hearts…..

    • Chris Nelson

      Rampant homosexuality IS God’s judgment upon a people and nation. Along with child murder, it is proof that a nation has even lost its will to live any longer and shortly God’s violent and righteous judgment will consume it.

    • Joyce Greene McLaughlin

      Amen, Suanne. I agree with you wholeheartedly. And also the horrific and deadly weather patterns which are occurring in “various” places, not just in America.

    • Lyndon Unger

      I’d dare say that the current state of North America is actually quite calm and peaceful to what it will eventually will become. I’m thinking Afghanistan, not England.

      I would suggest that everything we’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • chrisleduc1

    Here’s another guarantee for you:

    Prov 24:11-12
    Rescue those who are being taken away to death;
    hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.
    If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,”
    kdoes not he who lweighs the heart perceive it?
    Does not he who mkeeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man naccording to his work?”

    Christians in America have long known that babies were being butchered right down the street from their homes and churches. But the Lord knows…

    • Lyndon Unger

      Sure. There is individual guilt on a whole lot of hands that were unwilling to raise when the votes were being tallied.

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  • tovlogos

    Thank you, Lyndon — Good reference material. Thanks for the work, I know it takes time and concentration. Jeremiah 1:5 with Luke 1:41, where Jesus and His cousin John first met in their mother’s wombs is a compelling document. Thanks be to God for His ultimate authority — today their fates would be in serious question.

    “Unless God is gracious and grants repentance to Canada and the United States, the same thing that happened to the Hivites and Amoritesmust happen to Canada and the United States.”

    I find this notion highly unlikely — Yahweh Tsebaoth doesn’t appear to be in the business of saving nations; but individuals, yes. When He speaks of our citizenship in heaven, for example, He is speaking of faithful believers.

    And the context of Leviticus 18:20-23, speaks volumes especially since there were no numbers assigned to biblical passages when they were first written,

    • Lyndon Unger

      I’m glad it has become a useful resource. Luke 1:41 also struck me in a way it hadn’t before when I realized the implications.

      You’re right that God doesn’t save nations, but all I meant was God granting repentance to a representative majority of the individuals in those nations.

      • tovlogos

        Okay, of course, Lyndon — I would think that God would grant repentance to a representative group of individuals in those nations, in contrast to a majority. I make a point of this because when I look at the historical consistency of the true church — It never appeared to be a majority, such as the remnant of the children of Israel, a minority, who returned from the Babylonian, Persian exile during Daniel’s ministry. The same applied to the church, the majority of whom appeared to be living a “form” of Christianity, without the substance of the Spirit thorough out all those centuries — having laid the ground work that has led us to the hellish, prophetically appropriate circumstances of today — a red carpet for the antichrist.

  • Still Waters

    Then I’m not the only one who wonders if it is too late. I was reading the end of Kings when all the PP videos began to be shown. Not even Josiah’s repentance (or Manasseh’s, mentioned in Chronicles, for that matter) was enough to stop God from destroying Israel for the innocent blood Manasseh had shed. Josiah could only delay it.

    I’m another Canadian, and trained in the healthcare field. Several years ago, I had a job interview to work in a hospital operating room. I was informed that the hospital did do abortions and it was likely I would have to assist. I said I could not. The interviewers were quite sympathetic – they said no one would participate if they could refuse. I did not get the job, but I decided to do some research.

    Apparently, by Supreme Court ruling, a healthcare worker does have the right to refuse to participate in abortions; it is the Canadian healthcare regulating bodies who are pressuring healthcare workers to participate. Furthermore, the abortion law that was struck down in 1988 by the Supreme Court, was actually a law made under Trudeau that legalized abortion, but required the approval of a panel of doctors. These are the laws protecting the unborn which are still valid:

    ‘When child becomes human being
    223. (1) A child becomes a human being within the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother, whether or not
    (a) it has breathed;
    (b) it has an independent circulation; or
    (c) the navel string is severed.
    Killing child
    (2) A person commits homicide when he causes injury to a child before or during its birth as a result of which the child dies after becoming a human being.’

    ‘Killing unborn child in act of birth
    238. (1) Every one who causes the death, in the act of birth, of any child that has not become a human being, in such a manner that, if the child were a human being, he would be guilty of murder, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.
    (2) This section does not apply to a person who, by means that, in good faith, he considers necessary to preserve the life of the mother of a child, causes the death of that child.’

    Note: The legal language of defining when a child becomes a human being is actually a historical part of English Common Law, and should not be construed as a moral statement for or against the personhood of the unborn. Before modern medicine, people did not know exactly how a child developed in the womb, but neither did they countenance abortion, as may be seen from the Hippocratic Oath.

    The interviewers mentioned to me that there was only one doctor who would perform abortions, and only did it one half-day a week. This was a fairly large regional hospital. Their statements and further research has shown that abortions in hospitals are not performed after twenty weeks, by direction from the Canadian Medical Association. Those who seek an abortion after that time, go either to a private clinic (think Morgentaller) or go to the U.S (to Planned Parenthood, probably).

    I type all this because I was not aware of it and I know others do not know it either. I think sometimes, that we look at the U.S. and think our country operates the same way. However, the problem in Canada, at least, does not appear to be with the laws of the land; but with the hearts of people. The laws I quoted could be used to protect the unborn, but are they? So few medical workers are willing to participate, that the province of P.E.I. does not actually do any abortions; but the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the independent regulating body in that province, is trying to force physicians to refer for abortions (remember that in that large regional hospital, only one doctor would do it). The abortion statistic, per capita, is much lower in Canada than the U.S.; but the Canadian media, towing the hard feminist line, seems to think abortion should increase. The healthcare workers of Canada need the support and encouragement of those who oppose abortion to be able to stand firm in their unwillingness to carry out the murder of unborn children.

  • Johnny

    “God destroys nations that murder their children”. Indeed. And what happens to nations that contracept their children down to smaller numbers like 1-2?

    • Lyndon Unger

      Contraception is the prevention of the creation of children. Contraception is not in the same moral ballpark as abortion.

      Nations that have few children impede their own economic growth and development, as is currently becoming clear in multiple nations.

  • calebkolstad

    A heavy article but a very helpful one. Thank you.

    • Lyndon Unger

      Glad I could be of some help!

  • Tim Bates

    That it never even entered God’s mind is a terrifying testament to how wicked it is. What a powerful verse.

    • Lyndon Unger

      Yeah. I hadn’t noticed that phrase either.


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