February 22, 2012

Ten Reasons to Download Sermons and get the Desiring God App

by Josh Thiessen

Technology has changed the way that we live as Christians, and it continually surprises me how technology evolves, particularly how we interact with sermons. In just the past few years, it has gone from a person being able to throw tapes or CDs into their car all the way to having instant access to every sermon a pastor has ever preached on your phone.

Since high school, I have enjoyed listening to sermons while I work around the house, workout or drive. It has been a significant source of encouragement and edification, which is why I was so excited last week when Desiring God introduced their new app.

This application gives instant access to all of John Piper’s sermons and Desiring God conferences. Already this week, I have listened to Piper’s biographies of John Owen and JC Ryle. Both have encouraged me and motivated me to excellence and faithfulness in ministry.

Piper had and currently has a profound affect on my ministry. I was privileged to attend his church for a short stint in college. His unbroken note that trumpets the sovereignty of God and our delight in Him changed the way I viewed every facet of my Christian life in college. And his emphasis on Jonathan Edwards and church leaders through history deepened my reading of the great theologians. So, having instant access to everything he has every preached is a great personal blessing to me.

Ministries like Desiring God are rich resources for every believer but especially for pastors. They are usually the one’s behind the pulpit and not soaking in truths from other godly and gifted preachers on a weekly basis. Here are ten reasons that I came up with for why pastors should download the Desiring God app and sermons in general:

1) It increases your love for God’s Word.

2) It gives you opportunity to delight in Christ and be encouraged by other preachers that likewise delight in Him.

3) It stirs your affections towards heavenly things.

4) It encourages you that there are other faithful pastors.

6) It humbles and reminds you of the nature of preaching.

7) It motivates you to excellence and faithfulness.

8 ) It allows the Spirit and the Word to minister to your soul in a different way than when you preach.

9) It broadens the scope of what you are learning on a week to week basis.

10) It makes you a better preacher.


Josh Thiessen

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Josh is the teaching pastor of Providence Bible Church in Gretna, NE. It is a church plant that launched in September last year.
  • Chris N.

    I used to follow all things Piper, I can no longer do that as his discernment and some of his teachings have gone sideways. Glad to see you are in my neck of the woods planting a church in Omaha, I’ll be there next week with a team for another church. God bless.

  • MikeWorrell

    As someone who commutes an hour a day to work, sermons are a great way to redeem my ride. My goto sermon sites are sermonize.us – handpicked sermons of the reformed kindMMCC Church – Eldon Busenitz and Paul StewartCalvary Bible Church – Jack Hughes

  • Michael Delahunt

    As a fellow former college attendee at Bethlehem, I have to agree with Chris N. However, I am glad that the Gospel of Christ has been strengthened in you by him, and that you have taken away some great truths to be applied!

  • Trent

    Hey! I saw the extent of the atonement and evangelism by Mr. Raccardi and I was wondering how I could ask him this question: Is what he/Dr. Packer is saying like what NT Wright is saying in preaching the Gospel that Jesus is Lord?
    I am just wondering since NT Wright has some pretty, well, far out-there views (for lack of a more explicit word).

    • http://mriccardi.blogspot.com Mike Riccardi

      Hi Trent,

      I’m unfamiliar with the NT Wright reference. I suppose it depends on what Wright is saying about Lordship salvation. I do believe that we need to “preach Christ Jesus as Lord” (2Cor 4:5) if we are preaching the true Gospel.

      • Trent
        • http://mriccardi.blogspot.com Mike Riccardi

          Thanks Trent. I disagree with Wright, and I’m pretty sure Packer would too. At least, the section of his book that I quoted doesn’t lend any credibility to Wright’s position as expounded by Trevin Wax in that post.

          • Trent

            Awesome! Thank you for your help! It just alerted me a bit since I have heard a lot about Wright’s unorthodox thinking.