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January 1I wish that my life was lived with such unthwartable intentionality and unbroken cadence that all my best intentions, hopes, dreams, strategies, and plans just scurried into their rank and file behind me like submissive infantrymen flanking their fearless general into battle as I marched unhindered through my schedule. However, if I don’t intermittently remind them who’s boss, my delinquent platoon of would-be accomplishments, attainments, and acquisitions abscond instead into obscurity, leaving me with a motley crew of foot shuffling “coulda-shoulda-woulda” excuses in their place.

That’s why I’m an annual advocate of making New Year’s resolutions.

Note that I didn’t say “keeping” said resolutions. To be overly transparent, I have to admit that my rate of keeping resolutions beyond the first three months of resolve is about a rate of 20%. I usually make ten resolutions, and end up keeping two of them until at least April. One one occasion I managed to stay on the raging rodeo bull of distraction long enough to actually accomplish a goal. That particular resolution, which tackled my love handles and other BMI eye-sores, saw a total loss of about 6kg (20 lbs?) by literally going to the gym every weekday for three months. When I realized the untapped power of an unbroken commitment, I renewed my allegiance to the hapless art of annual goal setting.

My reasoning follows this litigious track: If I didn’t make ten resolutions each year, then the 1.5 that reach the coveted status of being crossed off the list wouldn’t have a fighting chance. Yes, I fail eight or so out of ten times, every year; yes, it is accompanied with the semi-demoralizing reminder that I am a consummate loser; BUT if I didn’t make any resolutions at all, I would have no hope of attaining any of my goals.

I know it sounds a little like the lottery ticket purchaser’s argument that if you don’t buy a ticket, you don’t stand a chance at all, which is worse than the one-in-a-googleplex chance they have of winning. But there is a fundamental difference: I’m actually in (some) control of my resolutions. I can stack the deck in my favor with these five tips to help you actually keep a resolution or two in 2013… Continue Reading…