January 3, 2012

Our top-10 posts of 2011

by C-Gate Links

Here are the top ten posts from the Cripplegate this year, as measured by numbers of unique IP addresses to read a particular article:

10. Modalism, Oneness, and T.D. Jakes (Nate Busenitz)

9. I Can do All Things (Nate Busenitz)

8. A Sample Prayer Plan (Mike Riccardi)

7. The Danger of Defining Yourself by What You Are Against (Byron Yawn)

6. Adam’s Apple: Preaching from an iPad (Clint Archer)

5. Five Signs of Spiritual Maturity (Clint Archer)

4. Why Lie to Your Kids About Santa? (Clint Archer)

3. Keller and the Exclusivity of Christ (Mike Riccardi)

2. An Open Letter to my Daughter (Byron Yawn)

1. Seven Questions from Christmas Haters (Jesse Johnson)

If you had a favorite post this year, let us know below.

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  • Dry_heat_az

    The TD Jakes link is broken…..

  • Anonymous

    I like the ones on cessationism by Nathan.

    btw, it’s very hard to find articles by guest writers. There’s no other way other than going back one by one.

    • Good point. Let me get back to you on a solution.

  • The top ten covers many of my favorites, but the three posts by Jerry Wragg were exceptional as well. Another favorite was Evangelical Hagiolatry.

  • Ryan Trzeciak

    I enjoyed Byron’s article on how the best women’s ministry is a good men’s ministry. That was the article that really hooked me to The Cripplegate. Thanks for your ministry.

    • Sweet. I remember talking to you about that post. I dug it as well.

  • Anonymous

    I’m new to the CrippleGate so this is helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

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