May 28, 2015

Maybe you haven’t noticed: God made two sexes

by Jesse Johnson

Having decreed that God did not invent marriage, our culture has moved on to a new cause célèbre: the claim that neither did God invent gender.

Last week Fairfax County Schools (where I live) considered a measure to no longer teach that there are two genders, but rather that gender exists on a spectrum, as well as to move the curriculum out of the science department and into the health department so that parents can no longer opt their students out. This all follows their vote a few weeks ago to allow cross-dressing teachers and essentially end gender segregated bathrooms.

By the way, Fairfax is one of the ten largest public school districts in the US.  

This sort of vote is becoming more common, and legally enshrines all manner of gender nonsense. A school in Washington State (Evergreen State College) has a 46-year-old male enrolled in class there, but who spends much of his time in the women’s locker rooms. A few years ago he decided to “identify” as a woman, and start using the women’s locker room, which the school also shares with a nearby day school and local swim clubs. When grade school students began to complain about seeing an adult male walking around nude, the school said that they had no choice but to allow the student to use the women’s locker room. Had they intervened, they would have risked violating the Washington State Constitution, which bans discrimination based on gender.

I relay that story because when that first happened it was regarded as an unfortunate side-effect of adding gender to non-discrimination clauses (in fact, the school spokesperson said that they “are not 1959 Alabama, and we don’t call the police for someone drinking from the wrong water fountain”). But this new wave of gender confusion doesn’t look at naked men walking around the women’s locker room as an unfortunate side-effect of protecting gender confused people, but rather as the goal.

Fairfax County released a FAQ sheet to community leaders that stressed that the practical effects of their changing policy are that a male teacher can wear a dress and heels to class, and a female student can use the boy’s bathrooms. Progress can’t be stopped.

We should at least admire the logic: if the culture has succeeded in saying that gender doesn’t matter for marriage, how in the world can we say it should matter for bathrooms? Which is a more fundamental component of society: marriages or urinals? Having decided that boy parts and girl parts are just coincidental to marriage, what argument is left to make that they do matter for bathrooms?

And that is exactly why bathrooms are the next frontier in the war against God. If a person has as his goal the absolute suppression of all truth about God, he has a few major obstacles. He sees God in the world (evolution!), in his own existence (gay marriage!), in his own conscience (sear it!), and in his biological sex. Where in our world are you confronted with the fact that your biological sex matters? The bathroom. Every.Single.Time.

The T part of the LGBT movement claims that “gender” is arbitrary, and not connected to your biological parts. To which the bathroom sign says, “Umm…ok, but this room is for people with male parts.” Their response is to start with the elementary school students and see if they can’t raise an entire generation that looses the connection between your sex organ and your sexual identity. I wonder if it will work?

When Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to be crucified, he passed through the Judean wilderness (out where John had been ministering). While Jesus was drawing huge crowds, the Pharisees sought to erode his credibility by asking him what they probably imagined to be a trick question. “Is divorce legitimate?” they wanted to know (Mark 10:2).

Jesus’ answer is funny, but I’d never noticed the humor in it until the Fairfax School Board lost their collective minds. He said, “From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female” (vs. 6). In other words, “maybe you haven’t noticed this, but there are males and there are females.”

This current front in the culture war gets that the very existence of gender belies the fact that God made us male and female. We can have more coherent responses when people ask us to explain why gender matters, but we do well to simply remember Jesus’ words: “God made them male and female.” If you have male, and you have female, you have God making them.

People hate gender because they hate God. Only time will tell if they can successfully brainwash a generation into thinking gender is as insignificant as they think God is.

Jesse Johnson

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Jesse is the Teaching Pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA. He also leads The Master's Seminary Washington DC location.
  • Christina

    Thank you. I am very uncomfortable with all this talk about gender neutrality but I couldn’t articulate the Biblical reasons why…..until now.

  • 4Commencefiring4

    I, for one, wish we would not even fall into the “gender” trap by using the word “gender” in the first place when discussing the sexes. We now have an entire generation (present company excepted) unaware that people–and other creatures of the natural world–have sexes, and only words have genders. Facebook allows members to declare themselves one of 57–or is it 58?–“genders”, depending on how one feels about it. The zenith of lunacy.

    One of the basic plays of the progressive movement is to change language, and today we see the effects of that: we’re redefining “marriage”, and christian teaching on sexual matters is becoming “hate speech.” In the public square now, we effectively have no working definition of “man” and “woman” because each person can declare that the “gender” they were on Tuesday differs from the one they were last Thursday. In the 1960s, Christine Jorgensen was the world’s only (or at least only well known) “transgender”, but now everybody and his brother (who used to be his sister) is getting on the trans-train.

    When you control the language, you control the debate. And when you control the debate, the conclusion and direction of society are set. The public schools, as in FFX County, are living proof that once you swallow a teaspoon of nonsense, everything else starts to look sensible.

    G.K. Chesterton was right: When you no longer believe in God, you don’t then believe in nothing; rather, you believe in anything.

  • wiseopinion

    20, 10 even 5 years ago we would never have imagined the highest court of our society would even have to think about marriage being anything other than between one man and one woman..and now we are on the road (and I believe they will succumb to the LGBT special interests groups) toward marriage joining man/man..woman/woman..male/female (well, at least what we think of male/female, who knows anymore)…so this nonsense, and I mean depraved nonsense cannot be unexpected or a surprise to anyone…and it will be protected. Anyone against it will be considered evil, hateful. So, the naked man has more rights than my daughter who also wants the right to go into any public place free from such images that will molest her mind and soul. The pedophiles must be having a heyday…we just opened the doors, wide open for them to do their dirty little tricks right out in the open. Wow, God haters they are. Romans Chapter 1 comes to mind.

    • acha648

      most christians live in same-sex marriages so this is not really surprising…

  • Maybe if the tranny’s name was Josh Duggar the world would be outraged.

  • Matthew

    If at all possible, homeschool! At least until they have a biblical worldview established.

    • Jonathan Dale

      Amen!! Our eldest is turning five this summer; everyone asks, “oh so he’ll be going to school next year?” My reply is always that my wife is already homeschooling him sporadically, with regularly set homeschooling curriculum to come beginning this Fall.

  • tovlogos

    “People hate gender because they hate God.” That’s the crux of the matter. Talking to people who are not washed in the Word, but washed in the New Age, are hard wired not to hear you — add fleshy stimulation; and they end up in Romans 1:28.

    For the longest time the LGBT community tried to rewrite the Bible to somehow make it say the opposite of what it actually says — that didn’t work; so, it has become a blatant attack against God Himself. Any semblance of God is brazenly being removed from every facet of the social landscape, as well as the armed forces. Then indoctrinating impressionable children is the easiest route to take.

    Christians do well to be aware of the wiles of the devil, and not be naive to the insidious attacks (Ephesians 6:16) that he is permitted to perpetrate due to the God hating climate.
    Reasoning philosophically, and common sense does not work against the spiritually blind. Daniel 11:37 — one of the sections where the antichrist is profiled, tells us an odd thing: “And he will show no regard for the gods of his fathers (being a derivative of Rome) or the desire of women.” An odd choice of wording.
    Homosexuality has come full circle from the days of Sodom, now, once again stealing the headlines.

  • ConcernedParent

    A minor correction – The FCPS school board voted May 7th to add “gender identity” to its non-discrimination policy, but they have NOT yet voted on the recommended changes to the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum, which can be found here: The vote will take place June 25th and you can send your comments to the school board at – until June 19th. If you are a Fairfax County resident (no need to have a student), please consider making your voice heard. ~A Concerned Parent

    • Thanks for that. I’ll clear up the language above. My understanding is that the Health/Sciences Curriculum dept. did approve the changes (before last Thursday) and advanced them to the school board for consideration. I’ll make that clear above. Thanks.

      • ConcernedParent

        Thank you. I didn’t want anyone reading to think this is a done deal already. There is still a chance the school board will decide not to approve the recommended changes (or at least leave it all in FLE so that parents can opt their child out) if enough people speak up by June 19th.

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  • Hephaestus

    When ya gotta go ya gotta go!

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  • acha648

    obviously people do not think there is male or female, in our age there is no difference in male or female, what they do etc
    this is a little ironic considering you have invited a woman to teach your women and she basically says there is NO difference in roles and responsibilities for homemaking, and provision and protection, just in who gets to lead prayer…

    so if your members get to pretend Titus 2 , P31 Ephesians 5 , 1 Timothy, Genesis 1-3 ( Adam tasked with provision, Eve with child bearing- from the curse) all do not exist it is not that big a leap to pretend “In the beginning God created them male and female does not exist”
    This is just typical Christian hypocrisy and a failure to see the LGBTQI* movement as a direct and logical extension of the late 20th to 21st century feminist movement who’s ideals you and most christians embrace…

    • So… J Charles (acha648): you have been after me for weeks on Twitter/FB and now the blog about this issue. You have yet to ask a question. And I’ve been trying to figure out of I should block you (which I have never done for anyone), or ban you from this blog (which I’ve only done once or twice). But I have this question, that comes mostly from Twitter: are you comfortable in English? I don’t mean that condescendingly (at least not as bad as it sounds) but you have left a lot of comments that just read like English is not your strong-suit. I can’t tell how much of the tone in your comments comes from your attitude, vs. your English.
      So, before you comment here, on Twitter, or FB again to me, please just let me know if English is your first language, and then phrase your issue concisely here. Even if it doesn’t relate to the blog post, just get it over with and say it right here:

      • acha648

        Why are you inconsistent?

        on one side you endorse and support women in these organisations like Carolyn
        an organisation lead by Christine Caine who does not believe in Gender roles etc

        and yet you say male and female is different

        Carolyn clearly says in her book that provision and homemaking is NOT Gender defined, which fits well with the Propel Women ideology ( it is based on Lean in the latest feminist book of our time)

        so you must clearly think that men can be homemakers, women providers ( you endorse people with such beliefs)
        and thus believe roles are flexible, male and female is flexible

        you pretend so many versus on Gender do not exist

        yet you say male and female are different?
        How so?
        if a man can just swap roles with a woman, if men are made to be helpmeets and women the worker the provider
        male and female don’t matter then, it is irrelevant.

        Feel free to block me etc ( a natural response when inconsistency in any individual is pointed out!)
        This is your forum
        But I hope you understand why the gay christian/transgender arguments make sense,
        you guys get to ignore Titus 2 , P31 and still be called followers of God
        but others do not get to ignore Romans 1?

        our roles are tied to our Gender and sex , I mean God explained the consequences of sin uniquely that Adam will have to bear and Eve
        If women are able to prioritise their career over supporting their husband and developing the home ( like Carolyn demonstrates with an example of her friend ANNE who asks her boyfriend if he is comfortable with doing more of the homemaking and Childcare)

        in spite of disobeying God’s word
        why can’t anyone else do so on Gender issues..

        • First off, I don’t endorse Caine in any way. Secondly, that link you gave me says nothing whatsoever about Carolyn. Thirdly, when you say “you must clearly think…” and then follow it with things I don’t clearly think.
          I do beleive that genders are different, and that God has made different roles for the different sexes.
          So can we be done with this tangent?

          • acha648


            she endorses Christine Caine’s propel women

            but even what she writes on Page 142

            this is very related to what couples should discuss before marriage, and whether genders need different toilets…

            she clearly says there are no roles or spheres in the home, everything is shared

            she gives an example of a couple, where the woman asks if her boyfriend is fine with looking after the kids and home so she can work

            so Christian womanhood is not about developing the home, it is about finding a husband who is willing

            she endorses a 50/50 no difference in roles kind of marriage, her book is not about teaching women to be workers at home, it is about teaching women to not feel guilty for prioritising their career…

            so if you ask her to speak, you clearly must endorse her views…

            considering that she has these views, her support for the feminist Propel women is NOT surprising…

            This is ironic

            you say you believe in different roles YET

            you support genderless marriages, yet are against the concept of a genderless toilet?!!

            if men and women can just swap roles or live in a 50/50 mutual help meet, mutual submission relationship, then roles do NOT matter and Gender is irrelevant. and this Christian marriage of yours is really a same-sex marriage

            If that kind of marriage is biblical ( woman asking boyfriend to be the primary homemaker so she can work)

            and that is what you teach

            it is just as much on contradiction to the word of God if not more than Genderless toilets…

            this of womanhood in marriage ( regardless of work, home and supporting husband is the woman’s priority)

            is very different to a Carolyn idea of womanhood, where she teaches women to asks their husbands to be homemakers ( Similar to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In which is the reason why Carolyn wrote this book)

            also a simple scroll through both Nora Shank and Carolyn’s twitter feed shows you open endorsements of Christine Caine…

            Christians and Churches claim I am not christian or truly saved because I disobey a few words in Romans 1

            yet they are permitted to have a completely unbiblical view on Gender just because of the cultural desire to demean and eliminate roles for men ( servant leadership)

            it is like saying an active serial killer can be a christian, but a thief cannot…

            yes this does get me depressed and suicidal so I apologise for my tone and perhaps my rude attitude.

            but I see Gender, sex , roles all tied in and directly affecting views on gay marriage, LGBTQI* rights and so forth.

          • Ok, now you have said your piece. Can we move on? For the record, I don’t think you are reading her book charitably. I mean, the main example she uses is her own mother who did not work for the sake of raising her family. The link you keep posting everywhere is not even about Carolyn in anyway. And being interviewed by someone is not the same thing as endorsing every thing that person says. I have been interviewed by lots of people I don’t agree with. And, I’ve repeated this to you a few different times, but you have yet to even hint at where I say there should be no gender distinctions. I’ve never said anything like that. So our new rule going forward: you can comment on our blog if you stop link dumping that same post, and if you stop attributing to me views that I don’t hold.

          • acha648

            those links are just a consequence of her beliefs
            in her book on page 141-142 she clearly says there is no Gender role difference prescribed by the bible as to who works and who does the homemaking, and her example there of her friend asking her boyfriend if he can do the homemaking as opposed to asking how she can be a helpmeet/prioritise the home clearly shows what she believes on Gender issues…

            you ask her to teach at your church, it is fair to attribute her 50/50 no Gender roles views to you as well.

            I mean if you disagree with gay marriage would you ask a pro gay marriage individual to teach your members?!

            she does not just get interviewed- look at her life, her twitter feed, endorsing the feminist organisation throughout…

            when you run a blog you are going to get people asking questions, trying to understand your beliefs, pointing out inconsistency if they see it…

            and most gay/LGBT Christians see this inconsistency, christians love to pander to feminism

  • Jeannie McD Saunders

    I graduated from Fairfax High School in 1962. We certainly knew the difference between a boy and a girl, and no one was seeking to be the other. How sad that this school system has become so deceived. In the high court of heaven the truth will be known by all.

  • Steven Quamber

    This is such an important issue which is going to lead to some serious repercussions, yet a part of me can’t help but laugh at the world’s idiocy!

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  • george

    Perhaps if we will see that the war against God at the drinking fountain ushered in the war against God in the bathroom, God may forgive us.

    • Duncan Idaho

      Not even remotely the same thing.

      • george

        right; unless you, a black child of God, are the one restricted. Perhaps in that context we will explain to God why we restricted His children. We have weakened our own argument by deigning the truth. And that I am afraid will be in Gods’ eyes “remotely the same thing”.

      • George: I deleted your follow up to Duncan, because it read like you were accusing him of racism. Maybe you know him personally, maybe you are assuming the Idaho part makes him guilty…I don’t know. Anyway here is not the place for that.

  • Acha648: I deleted your comment (and our whole thread) because you keep insisting that if someone disagrees with you on one issue, then they logically (your word was “clearly”) must be wrong on other issues that aren’t even part of the topic. I’ve heard you out here, on Twitter, and on FB. You can keep commenting if you advance the conversation, and refrain from accusing others of believing things they don’t believe, simply because you think those beliefs are logically connected. If you violate that simple request, you will no longer be welcome to post here.

  • Dave O

    We are fast approaching the point of no return if it hasn’t been reached yet. This “movement” has gotten faster, more aggressive, and gained more steam in 3 or 4 years similar to that of finding a cure for a disease. It is at its foundation a fist shaking towards God disguised as an “equal rights movement” .

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  • crazyaimeefrog

    Have you ever walked into the wrong bathroom? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Or out of place? That’s what it feels like to a Transgender person or a gender binary person. This is not about how uncomfortable this makes you or about what God says! This is about basic human rights and being able to do such a basic human task in a personally comfortable public area. These people, who are PEOPLE, that God LOVES, don’t exist to make you uncomfortable! They exist for the same reasons you do and were made by your maker. Claiming that they do not deserve the right to go to choose the bathroom they use, which is a right and a choice you make everyday, is like saying that your sin is above theirs. Which to god sounds ridiculous. We need to love others no matter what and refusing someone the right to be comfortable in their own skin just because we feel a little weird about it is extremely closed minded, transphobic and entitled. This article was shared onto my Facebook from someone that I know and I was deeply dissapionted. Please consider what God actually thinks of these people. These people are his children too and they deserve just as much love as you do. Stop being a prick.

    • Aimee: I edited your comment for the language you used (and let me just note the irony in that!).
      My post above is not about showing love/not showing love to students. My post above is about a school board taking children and putting them in that kind of environment. If you think it is awkward to walk into the wrong bathroom, well, fine. More power to you. Now imagine that foisted on every student. My daughters are 6, 4, and 1, btw.
      But a better question, and one I think I’ll blog on next week, is this: why does it make you feel awkward to walk into the “wrong” bathroom? I’ll give you a hint: its the same reason the ladies felt uncomfortable seeing a nude man in their locker room.

  • Well, the number of deleted comments has officially passed the number of constructive comments, so I take that as a sign I should close this thread.

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