October 13, 2016


by d p

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strengthen feeble hands
and tighten loosened cords
for we must throw these nets wide n’ long
n’ our ropes must hold strong as we hold on
’till every catch has been caught
’till every cast has been fought
’till our deck is filled with all the fish that we got

hook your heart on the line
n’ let that reel fly
out to deep waters and oceans unkind
for the fish we seek are hostile in mind
but we’ll allure n’ tempt ’em
with baits of love n’ deeds of compassion
provin our faith is active
leadin ’em to these paths of life everlastin

let not waves nor storms trouble your weary heart
for since this voyage had its start
our cap’n’s been at that helm
n’ won’t let this vessel be torn apart
so come fierce weather thunder
let you worst be dealt
for whether change in tide or mammoth swell
our souls will always say ‘it is well’
so when waters toss
threatenin all to be lost
n’ it seems you can’t hold on much longer
see that his arm is stronger
n’ he’s gonna steer this ship to safe harbor

we’re gonna finish what long ago has been started
as we chart the unchartered
rescuin the disheartened
plungin the depths every place unknown
naviga’n under stars
this ocean is ours
goin where’er these currents are blown
we’ll hunt down n’ find
every species every kind
’till all that’s been hidden has been laid bare, has been shown

soon our sea-farin days will have their end
when sails are let down
n’ we’re no longer guided by the wind
we’ll shake the salt off our chest
put these calloused hands to rest
as we haul in all our labor’s spoil
n’ all the burdens that you bore
will be laid down on distant shore
as we tie up to our home, to our port
n’ with our fellow man
we’ll stand feet firm on forever land
finding rest from all our years of toil
n’ our cap’n will become our king
n’ all our fish n’ for all eternity
to him alone
we’ll all be worshiping

Audio version of this poem is here.


d p


DP is a graduate of The Master's Seminary, and currently lives in Central Africa where he is translating the Bible for an unreached people group.
  • Thanks for your work on this. It was encouraging to read.

  • Ira Pistos

    Thank you for sharing the poem DP.

  • Lisa

    This poem is so beautiful. I’ve listened to it many times over the last month, and it wrenches my heart every time. Thank you, d p, for sharing it with us.