November 9, 2012

John Owen on the 2012 U.S. Election

by Mike Riccardi

John Owen PortraitThere is so much that I’d like to say about Tuesdsay’s election and the commentary that has surrounded it. But every time I begin to write, my mind jumps to a particular quote from John Owen. Granted, my title is a little misleading; not only is John Owen occupied with infinitely better things than to have known anything about this election, his comments below are relevant for any scenario the Christian faces, and not just the one we find ourselves in today. Perhaps that’s why my mind jumps there so readily.

How is a Christian, who is rightly disturbed and understandably discouraged by the events and implications of this election, supposed to respond? Obviously there are many legitimate responses, in different spheres and with different applications. But underpinning them all, the bedrock foundation of them all– well, Owen gets it right. Read it slowly. Take this in:

Let us live in the constant contemplation of the glory of Christ, and virtue will proceed from Him to repair all our decays, to renew a right spirit within us, and to cause us to abound in all duties of obedience. … It will fix the soul unto that object which is suited to give it delight, complacency, and satisfaction. … When the mind is filled with thoughts of Christ and his glory, when the soul thereon cleaves unto him with intense affections, they will cast out, or not give admittance unto, those causes of spiritual weakness and indisposition. … And nothing will so much excite and encourage our souls hereunto as a constant view of Christ and His glory; everything in Him hath a constraining power hereunto, as is known to all who have any acquaintance with these things.

— John Owen, The Glory of Christ.

Look to Jesus, dear friends.

Mike Riccardi

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Mike is the Pastor of Local Outreach Ministries at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles. He also teaches Evangelism at The Master's Seminary.