October 22, 2014

Inerrancy and Preaching: a conference in DC

by Jesse Johnson

The doctrine of inerrancy–that the Bible is without any kind of error whatsoever–is closely tied to the practice of expository preaching—teaching line-by-line, verse-by verse. Their connection makes sense: if the Bible is perfect, than every word of it should be brought to bear on the Christian’s soul.

Thus one could argue that there is no real concept of expository preaching without a true understanding of inerrancy.

On Monday (October 27), the church I pastor is hosting a conference with John MacArthur and Mark Dever. They are going to spend the day explaining this connection, and making a plea for people to not only understand inerrancy and expository preaching, but to seek out churches that model a high regard for both.

If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, I encourage you to attend. The cost is $45 ($25 for students), and you can register here.

Jesse Johnson

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Jesse is the Teaching Pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA. He also leads The Master's Seminary Washington DC location.
  • 4Commencefiring4

    I would hope that anyone who has been a christian for while knows–and agrees with–the doctrine of inerrancy, but that’s just about the original docs. And they’re unfortunately more long gone than even Lois Lerner’s emails.

    The problem that always comes up isn’t those, of course, it’s what’s gone on since then. And for many, pointing out a translation error or an apparent inconsistency is tantamount to blasphemy. Even using anything but the KJV is, for some, to put one’s eternal soul in peril. I trust neither of these good men are in that camp.

    • Inversely: Right, neither man is KJV only. Wrong, that the originals are more gone than Lerner’s emails. In the case of scripture, copies were made, spread, translated, kept, etc., making the content of the inspired text the most meticulously detailed and preserved of all ancient writings. Whereas the Lerner emails…well, if they had been copied, distributed globally, translated into various languages, and have entire books written about them from those that know her, then it would be a fair comparison.
      I agree that inerrancy (strictly speaking) applies only to the original manuscript. But disagree that the original writings are difficult to reconstruct with accuracy.

      • Craig Giddens

        How do we know the originals are inerrant if they no longer exist? The Bible doesn’t say only the originals are inerrant or inspired. Did Timothy have the originals? No, but Paul referred to what he had as holy scriptures (2 Timothy 2:15). Why would God inspire the originals without error, but not preserve them without error. To believe that God Himself inspired the scriptures, but God Himself didn’t preserve the scriptures is to believe nothing at all.

        • How do we know the originals are inerrant if they no longer exist?

          Through the survival of the most bountiful manuscript tradition of any work of antiquity.

          To believe that God Himself inspired the scriptures, but God Himself didn’t preserve the scriptures is to believe nothing at all.

          It does not follow that if you believe only the originals were inerrant you don’t believe that God preserved the Scriptures. It just means God’s preservation of the Scriptures looks different than a King James Onlyist expects it to. God has providentially preserved the original text, just not through an inspired translation; rather, through the diligent comparison (sometimes referred to as the discipline of textual criticism) of thousands of manuscripts in multiple languages disseminated across a broad geographical spectrum.

          I’d suggest picking up this book, as it provides thorough, documented answers to your questions while also serving as a ground-level introduction to textual criticism.

  • Alex

    It should be noted that this conference is also coming to San Diego, CA on Nov 18, 2014, for those West Coast folks. It will be at the Lyceum Theater. More info on the CA conference is at http://www.9marks.org/events/inerrancy-and-church-john-macarthur-and-mark-dever-0.

  • GMI Man

    Exciting Jesse! Praying for your conference.