August 11, 2012

If you click on that blue E, read this

by C-Gate Links

This post is for people who have had problems loading our blog recently, and who use Internet Explorer. If that’s not you, move along…nothing to see here..

broken computerWe’ve recently made a bunch of changes to our blog. Although most of them you might not notice, they are very helpful in running the blog on our side of things. But we have heard from several people that as a result of some of those changes, their computer freezes when loading our blog. In digging around, it seems that the problem only affects those who use Internet Explorer 8 or older (if you click on the blue E to open up your internet, that might be you).ie-logo-small

Our blog uses a platform, and we’ve talked to people at WordPress who say that this is a common problem with IE8 (which about 8% of cripplegate readers use). The solution is:upgrade to Explorer 9 (here are instructions on how to do that). But if your computer is more than five or six years old, and you run Windows XP, you might not be able to use IE 9 (this is about 5% of our readers).

There is one other solution: Download either Chrome or Firefox, and use one of those instead of IE. If you are not computer literate, get a friend to help you, and follow these instructions here for Chrome, or here for Firefox.

NO IEIf you use IE 8, I’m sure you will find that these other options will make reading many websites more enjoyable. You’ll find better graphics quality, video will load easier, and being on-line will probably just be a better experience. Plus, our website won’t crash your computer any more.

In the meantime, we are going to work on this next week and see if we can figure out what exactly the problem is. If you are a computer nerd (with all due respect) and you are reading this, we are a blog, running Standard Theme, and our comment thread is disqus, and we know that disqus is not to blame. If you have any other ideas, feel free to email us (jarbitro at gmail) or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

C-Gate Links


  • threegirldad

    Which version of WordPress?  Are people having this problem even if they set IE8 to access all websites in Compatibility mode (Tools->Compatibility View Settings->Display all websites in Compatibility View)?

    • Jesse Johnson

      WordPress 3.4.1, and its hard to say what other people’s settings are on. We’ve replicated in on one of our computers that did have that set properly though.

      Monday we are going to disable all our plug-ins, and reactivate them one at a time to see if any of them are the culprits.

  • Mary Elizabeth Palshan

    I want to thank Justin for helping me, because I was one of those people who was having the problem. After he fixed my problems, things have been working just fine. I can’t thank Justin and Mike Ricarrdi enough for all their help. (Btw, I am now using Google Chrome).

  • Rational νεόφυτος

    I’m on IE9 and have never had any issues – the only problems are with the content of my responses to your posts… ;)

  • Inclement Nimbus

    People use IE? Isn’t that forbidden in the NT somewhere? If not it should be ;)
    Seriously though, firefox!

  • Doug

    safari rules!!!

    • Inclement Nimbus

      booo booo hisssssssss!
      [insert generic pro firefox comment]