April 23, 2015

Hating science but loving murder

by Jesse Johnson

It is hard to fully comprehend how deluded our political and legal culture is over the issue of abortion. The United States in many ways has become a culture of death—a culture that embraces a mother’s murder of a child as a right, and then defends that right at all costs and against all logic.

Here are three examples of that.

  1. Colorado—where murdering a baby is not crime:

Last month a pregnant woman was attacked by a stranger, and her baby was cut out of her womb. The details to the crime are horrific (here is the CNN story, which is graphic and will not easily get out of your mind). The mom was in her eighth month of pregnancy, her baby was named Aurora, and Aurora did not survive.

Prosecutors in Colorado were considering charging the attacker with murder for Aurora’s death, but they came under intense political pressure from “women’s rights” groups not to, just as the media came under pressure to not use Aurora’s name in their coverage of the story. The logic was simple and revealing: if Aurora had a name, then maybe that might give women in their 8th month of pregnancy pause before they consider abortion.  Moreover, if the attacker could be charged with murder, then how is that any different than what is done “legally” by late-term abortion doctors? So while the attacker will be charged for his violence against the mom, Aurora’s death will go unpunished.

Moreover, when legislators in Colorado tried to fix this obvious loophole in their laws, they proposed a law that would make it a crime to attack a woman and forcibly rip her baby from her. But the pro-choice movement in Colorado pushed back hard against the legislation. Even though the law that was being considered specifically exempted abortion providers and mothers, the pro-abortion movement was not satisfied. Here is perhaps the most revealing quote from the political action committee for the pro-choice movement in Colorado:

In case it’s not clear, they meant that quote as an explanation for why the law should be rejected (here are five other examples of these types of pro-death policies that are mainstreamed in our politics).

  1. The pro-abortion movement is anti-science

The current abortion laws in country flow out of the scientific ambiguity of pregnancy in the late 1960’s. As I’ve said before, reading Roe v. Wade is like reading a treatise from the flat-earth society. From the invention of the trimester approach to defining viability, to a total confusion about where babies come from, the entire opinion is a hot mess.

But since then, science has not been held hostage by pro-abortion movement. Ultra-sound machines, in-utero surgery, and other medical miracles have fundamentally changed the way we understand pregnancy.

But don’t tell this to anyone in the pro-abortion movement. In fact, if you were to ask a pro-abortion leader or politician this basic question: “When does human life begin?” you would be shocked at their answer. Basically they have no idea where babies come from. If they grant that life begins in the womb, then they would logically have to grant that the life is human, and thus ending it would be murder. Instead better to act as if there just really is no scientific consensus on what is happening in there.

  1. The pro-abortion movement would rather see women harmed than abortion limited

The result of this confusion is a culture that profits of the harm of vulnerable women. Until today, a bill in the Senate that would provide aid to victims of human trafficking was held up by pro-abortion senators, because it didn’t also pay for abortions for those victims. Better to let them suffer in virtual slavery than help them, unless that help comes with an abortion.

Along those same lines, consider the crimes done by Gosnell. Despite several appeals to authorities for help, his clinic was allowed to operate and literally kill women because any intervention would have been seen as limiting abortion.

Just this week in Chicago, a judge ruled that an abortion clinic that was shut down (for doing things like storing fetal remains in the fridge, failing an inspection and killing a mother) was allowed to reopen by paying a $77 fine because they simply changed their name. In other words, women will continue to be harmed there, but no biggie.

I maintain that the cultural war over abortion cannot last forever. As science advances, as more moms (and politicians) see ultra-sound machines, and as the hypocrisy of the “women’s rights” movement continues to be exposed, something has to give. I really believe that future generations (if the Lord tarries) will look back on this era of American history with sheer disbelief. They will ask “how could people have been so malicious towards society’s most vulnerable?”

Pray for that day to come sooner rather than later.

Jesse Johnson

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Jesse is the Teaching Pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA. He also leads The Master's Seminary Washington DC location.
  • julie

    Unless….abortion is the outworking of God’s wrath of abandonment. We are abandoned to this grievous sin because we have turned from the truth to lies which results in spiritual blindness and hardened hearts. The end result is a whole host of evils (including murder of infants which is really a vain attempt to cover sin) and applauding those who practice it. Read Romans 1:18-32.

    • What’s the “unless” in reference to?

      • pearlbaker

        Jesse, in reading julie’s post it seems like the four dots after the word “Unless….” are just a kind of a pause for effect, much like some people use in their speech pattern at the beginning of a sentence, which is followed by a contrasting or point. The four dots could just as easily be left out with much the same intended meaning.

      • julie

        Jesse, you said that abortion cannot last forever and future generations would look back astonished that this ever occurred. And so I said, unless this is God’s judgment. Not we will be judged, but that we are already being judged as in abandoned to our sin and further degrading. it was not meant to be just a “pause for effect.”

        • 4Commencefiring4

          But this is a tricky argument, this notion that a decline in a nation’s strength, or its suffering some natural disaster, is God’s judgment because they allowed [fill in the blank].

          A lot of preachers, from Jerry Falwell (right after 9-11), to John MacArthur, to even the detestable Westboro people, argue that God has turned His back on America in judgment because we permit abortion, or didn’t defend school prayer, or protect homosexuals, or haven’t outlawed pornography, or allowed the rise of radical feminism…name your poison.

          I don’t think we can draw hard and fast conclusions about it. Not that those things are healthy and righteous for a nation, but because other nations have been engaged in far worse things and may or may not experience the same downturns.

          Germany killed 6 million Jews–God’s “chosen people”, if you like–and, while they subsequently lost the war, they’re making Porches and Mercedes today. Doesn’t sound like God has been too hard on them. Meanwhile, Angola or North Korea never killed any Jews, and I wouldn’t live either place if you paid me.

          Kind of hard to connect dots, I’d say.

  • MR

    How can we not believe in the total depravity of man?

    Every weekend I pass by a Planned parenthood clinic, and see people protesting abortion. Protesting and gruesome signs are not going to change people. Only the gospel will do that.

    I believe our time is better spent volunteering and supporting crisis pregnancy centers. If we are going to tell women not to have an abortion, we need to have options for them.

    • Christina

      Thank you so much for saying this. To me abortion is a moral issue, not a political one. Most women do not choose abortion because it is easy……they choose it because they have no hope. We need to offer hope to these women. We also need to address the bigger issue….a woman does not get pregnant by herself…….where are the men and how can they be held accountable for their part in the abortion problem in this world?

      • Thanks Christina–you are right. This is most certainly a moral issue, and the father’s need to be held accountable as well. I”ll write about that next week.
        By the way, a bit of public thanks to you for how faithfully you serve in the nursery here at IBC. I”m grateful or that.

        • Christina

          I look forward to reading that topic next week. Awwww……thank you for noticing my service. I feel a bit guilty though I really enjoy it…..it isn’t like service at all.

      • chrisleduc1

        Christina, I applaud your service. Thank you.

        ” We need to offer hope to these women.”

        Do you happen to have any idea how many of the women who go in for an abortion even know that there really is help available? Have you even taken the time to see what exactly these women going in know? Do they know their options? Do they know this baby will likely feel themselves being murdered?

        How many of them do you think have actually had ANY type of contact, be it advertising or word of mouth or personal recommendation regarding crises centers?

        I can assure you, the men and women on the curb of the obortuary are the last line of defense. They are pleading for the life of the baby who is about to be tortured to death. They are people who cannot live a life in in the sight of God knowing that babies are being tortured to death and they are just letting it happen.

        Now Im not directing this final statement at you personally OK?

        People who criticize those who are actually out at an abortuary trying to prevent a abby from being ripped apart, are, in my opinion, disgusting. Seriously. People criticizing those trying to attempt to rescue children from death honestly make me sick These folks are literally the last line of defense. They are showing pics of what is about to happen, because there is a serious effort to keep the mother from knowing. If anyone knows anything about the business of murder, they know how intentional the deceit is. These people are passing out tracts for local crisis centers. These people are trying to tell the mothers about other options. They are trying to share the gospel before the mothers murder their babies, and they are trying to share the gospel with those who just murdered their babies. People are out there praying for God’s intervention. If truly sickens me that people criticize these people.

        I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have God ask me, “Chris, you knew that right down the street, women were taking their children to be tortured to death, and you never went out there to do anything to try and stop them. You knew it was completely legal to try and say something. You knew it was legal to tell them about me, and my servants who would help them. Yet you’ve turned a blind eye to those babies being ripped apart. Why?” I can’t imagine being asked that by God, but I can say for sure, there are MANY who deserve to be asked just that.

        • Matthew

          It’s always nice when someone says “now don’t take this personally,” right before they insult you.

          • chrisleduc1

            What’s worse is when people misrepresent what you actually said…

            I did not say, “now don’t take this personally” I said “Im not directing this final statement at you personally” and there is quite a difference. I said what I did because (unless you want to directly call me a liar) I was not directing my comment to her, but since I was posting it in that particular comment box and did not want to start another one, I felt it necessary to clarify.

            Why would you misrepresent my argument and try to make it look like I was directing an insult at her when I was not, or insinuate I being dishonest and trying to veil it?

    • chrisleduc1

      MR – have you ever stopped to see what they are actually doing?
      1. How do you know that the pictures dont discourage people? How do you know the pictures don’t influence the other people driving by to reconsider when it comes election time.
      2. Do you know if they offer assistance? Ill bet they do.
      3. Do you know if they try to share the Gospel with people? I’ll bet they do.
      4. What are you doing to protect babies from being tortured to death?
      5. What are you doing to make sure those who have murdered their babies get to hear the Gospel?

      • MR

        Yes I have, I actually have talked to people who organize these protests. I have talked to unbelievers in the work place that find these tactics repulsive.
        How do you think women feel who have unfortunately in the past had abortions and look for compassion in the church and all they hear is people calling them murderers? My sin was no less grievous in the eyes of a Holy God, He saved me showed me mercy, the same compassion and mercy that may change the mind of a frightened young women who thinks she is alone and has no hope. If they approach a clinic and see signs saying “murderers,” what hope is that?
        As for what I’m doing…I believe I stated that.

        • chrisleduc1

          “Yes I have, I actually have talked to people who organize these protests.”

          And…? What about all the other questions I asked? Is the Gospel preached? Are other clinics offered? etc?

          “I have talked to unbelievers in the work place that find these tactics repulsive.”

          Of course they do! They are God haters. They hate Christ and His followers. They hate righteousness. They hate the light being shined! Thats the whole reason this disgusting sin is even legal!

          “How do you think women feel who have unfortunately in the past had abortions and look for compassion in the church and all they hear is people calling them murderers?”

          I’ve committed just about every sin there is. Moses was a murdered. David was a murdered. Paul was a murdered. Ptr was an attempted murderer. When Christ saves you, you dont care what others think of you. And now you are trying to reset the flag pole. We aren’t talking about the setting of the church, we are talking about the door step of the extermination chamber!

          “My sin was no less grievous in the eyes of a Holy God, He saved me showed me mercy,”

          Agreed! Likewise!

          “the same compassion and mercy that may change the mind of a frightened young women who thinks she is alone and has no hope.”

          If nobody is at the abortuary then she can’t even hear the Gospel! She can’t hear about God’s mercy! She can’t hear about His compassion. She will be alone she will have no hope because PP is a highly skilled, highly demonic extermination camp with absolutely every angle covered.

          You’re suggestion is, if I understand it correctly, is to let her wander into the devils torture chamber, never warn her, never call her to repentance, and then afters she’s murdered her child, possibly ruined any chance she was for every having children again, exponentially raised her risk of cancer, THEN you want to spend your time “volunteering and supporting crisis pregnancy centers ” and hope that maybe, somehow, she’ll hear the Gospel? You’d rather not warn her, not call her to repentance, not tell her about God’s judgment, not tell her that there are people here to help, and do absolutely nothing to try and stop the innocent baby from being tortured to death?

          “If they approach a clinic and see signs saying “murderers,” what hope is that?”

          What hope is that? Im honestly having a hard time believing you’d even ask that! Well, there is the hope that God convicts her. There is the hope that she realizes that she is actually about to commit murder, contrary to what Satan has successfully propagated into society about the baby being a “fetus” or “tissue” or some other sub-human thing. Maybe she’ll be shamed out of murdering her child! I am surely not above shaming someone out of murder. Are you? Maybe she’ll hear the Gospel. Maybe she’ll get referred to the a crises clinic. Maybe she’ll get scared and go home and reconsider her options. Im honestly blown away at your callousness to the merciless execution of babies and the massive damage to the mothers… and you dare cite that, “unbelievers in the work place that find these tactics repulsive”, shame on you. May the Lord have mercy on you

          • MR

            Grace and peace to you brother.

          • chrisleduc1

            Just to illustrate my point – here was an update sent out today by a group very involved in the abortion abolition movement:

            “A few months ago, four different abolitionist societies decided to get together in Seattle to worship, fellowship, and work together for a day. While we were out, we met a couple who had been considering killing their child for financial and health reasons when they saw us on the street with signs and literature. We got to tell them the truth about abortion, pray with them, get their contact info and follow up with them to help meet their financial needs.

            “On the way back to the hotel after the debate Saturday night, one of the abolitionists from one of those societies checked her phone and saw the following message from another abolitionist:

            “Do you remember A and L? They just had their baby yesterday, our society pooled together & got them a stroller and carseat. My wife and I got to visit with them at the hospital and pray for him… I let them know I would be updating you, they were very grateful they’d been talked out of killing him. Thanks again for forwarding them to us, hope this good news encourages you in what you already know – that ‘your work in the Lord isn’t in vain.'”

            Praise the Living God for rescuing this child, and for raising up people all over the country who love God, love each other, and love their neighbors.”

  • Johnny

    A very sad and tragic sign of our times. Molech worship is alive and well…

  • calebkolstad

    Thank you for this article.

  • tovlogos

    Amen Jesse, this subject gets me worked up also. Logic? No.

    “I maintain that the cultural war over abortion cannot last forever. As science advances, as more moms (and politicians) see ultra-sound machines, and as the hypocrisy of the “women’s rights” movement continues to be exposed, something has to give.”

    I have trouble believing this statement. As I see it thus far, the secular mind set is as beyond reasoning applicable to the word of God, as Islam is against the western mind set. If I were a pessimist, I wouldn’t pary so much — I’m not a pessimist at all.

    If the Bible didn’t exist, I would be walking around in a daze trying to understand the cold blooded nature of mankind. It makes sense to me that since the devil is the prince of this world; and one is by default a child of the devil if he rejects Christ, why should they think as we do?

    The rejection of God has always led to blindness, and therefore a lack of God’s logic, for example, John 7:23.

    Jesus had His hands full trying to open the eyes of the people to value people more than legalistic concerns; today, it’s the same thing with other interests taking precedence over God’s values.

    I know you know the two books of Samuel very well. Chapter 8 of 1 Samuel is a perfect demonstration of mankind raising the fist at God; and wanting to remove His yoke from their souls. I don’t see any difference today.

    I don’t believe advances in science will serve to bring people to their senses. If anything, it will further distance mankind from God by the controlling spirit of this God-hating world.

    Recently Ben Johnson wrote an article for the Prophecy News Watch which shows beyond any doubt the brazen attitude of today’s lawlessness:

    “A New York Times columnist and a corporate leader have agreed that Christian churches “must” be convinced, or coerced, to change their teachings on sexual morality and abandon an “ossified” doctrinal teaching that sex outside heterosexual marriage is immoral.
    Frank Bruni wrote that traditional Christianity…provides the greatest resistance to normalizing homosexuality in the United States in a recent column in the New York Times.” This is their attitude despite the fact that homosexuality is the high profile sin of the ages, making the headlines in the Genesis 19 journal. Even fornication between male and female is not as bad in one way — fornication is an abuse of an act that was designed and blessed by Elohim; and can be fixed by submission to marriage. Homosexuality cannot be “fixed.” We are considered phobic if we are utterly offended by the culmination of all sin, worse than killing. I say worse that murder because there is a difference between killing and murder, (Romans 13, for one). Abortion is cold blooded murder, which cannot be fixed, other than stopping it.

    I believe, even if the unsaved world admitted that a baby in the womb was the same baby leaving the womb, it wouldn’t change them, which only God can do.

    • Alex

      I certainly appreciate your passion and I agree with your sentiment that only God can change the wicked hearts of a man/men. Further, I would agree that humanity’s disposition to “shake their fists at God,” will remain as long as the Lord tarries.

      But I think Jesse’s point is that the American institution of slavery was, at one time, seen to be just as impregnable an abomination against God as abortion is now. But, through God’s common grace, men and women began to see that the dehumanizing of slaves was not simply unbiblical, it was immoral. The immorality argument is compelling, even to those who do not adhere to a biblical worldview.

      As technology definitively presents that drawing a distinction between an unborn child and a born child is unsustainable, the immorality of abortion becomes more compelling. The hope is that, following the pattern of American slavery, the violation of conscience will become corporately unsustainable. My greater fear is whether or not the corporate conscience of America (if such a thing exists) is already irreparably calloused.

      • tovlogos

        Thanks, Alex,

        “The hope is that, following the pattern of American slavery, the violation of conscience will become corporately unsustainable. My greater fear is whether or not the corporate conscience of America (if such a thing exists) is already irreparably calloused.”

        Yet, the conscience of unsaved man is unreliable at best. Mankind is coalescing about a new age social phenomenon that is exactly what is providing the red carpet for the antichrist, who has no conscience, no respect for the gods of his fathers; and when he comes, no desire for females (Daniel 11:37) — he will appeal to several groups.

        Slavery, homosexuality, rape, abortion, endless wars, etc., are the symptoms of mankind let loose to live by his own devices. And when the antichrist finally, ostensibly, solves mankind’s problems, it will be the Trap.
        Sure, time does affect change, but the sinister spirit fueling a cursed world is unchangeable, which of course is why we need the Savior.
        Yes, the secular corporate conscience is beyond calloused; notwithstanding, I believe that anything corporate in a world where the devil rules by proxy, is under his authority. Yes, God is over and above; and the Spirit restrains evil through His true church; but I see two churches — the corporate church following a form of Christianity; and the true church who are actually fed by the Holy Spirit — similar to cripplegate, as one example.

        In 1 Samuel 8:10-22, The prophet Samuel is feverishly trying to discourage the children of Israel to not to reject God as their king; and refrain from asking for a “another” king. He tried to explain to them what they could expect. He warned them, as a result of their choice “Then you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.” To no avail. They even had the temerity to say, “No, but there shall be a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations/pagans, that our king may judge us and go out before us,,,”
        Of course God did not forsake them. I see the same thing happening right now; even more blatantly, in which case that king, the antichrist, will come in his own name, and will be received — the rest is history before it happens. Under the New Covenant, rejecting Jesus until physical death will have no recourse.

  • Vernon

    Jesse, would love to share your optimism but I don’t think the future generation will look back unfavorably on abortion. They will look at it as the greater good for mankind. One of my first college courses in the early ’60s was a course called Social Problems. Fifty years ago we were told that the number one social problem was “over population”. Keep in mind, These were the days before legalize abortion. Modern science, we were told, would allow us to live much longer and adding to the problem. One of the major ways to control over populating the world was to control the birth rate. Within 10 years after taking the course, abortions became legal in DC; shortly thereafter VA. Science, I am afraid, will not chance anyone’s mind. Only the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ wil do that.

  • Laszlo

    “How could people have been so malicious towards society’s most vulnerable?” – Indeed that is a heart-wrenching question of our society.

  • Jason

    Should we develop a perfect knowledge of medicine it still wouldn’t prevent people from spinning, ignoring, and outright changing the data to prevent themselves from having to acknowledge God’s truth.

    Ultimately, unless God acts to soften the hard hearts of people on this (or any) issue any contrary facts will only serve to make people more ardently opposed to the truth because they will have to continue to sacrifice more of their reason just to preserve the beliefs that they honestly have no choice but to believe in their bondage to sin. The next generation is always “twice as much a child of hell”(Matthew 23:15) as those who teach them if left to their own devices.

    I think MR has the best advice. People need godly solutions to the trials of this life.

  • chrisleduc1

    “In fact, if you were to ask a pro-abortion leader or politician this basic question: “When does human life begin?” you would be shocked at their answer. Basically they have no idea where babies come from. If they grant that life begins in the womb, then they would logically have to grant that the life is human, and thus ending it would be murder.”

    Very true point. A few years ago I was at an abortuary on the day the do the murders, and as I was standing on the curb preaching the Gospel at about a 30 ft distance to a gentlemen outside smoking a cigarette while the baby he brought in was being murdered, a worker came outside to smoke with him. I pointed out to her the absurdity of what she was doing by pointing out how if they discovered a single-celled organism alive in Mars, the world would declare “THERES LIFE ON MARS” and yes they dont call THIS life? The woman took a second and stated flatly and cold – “nobody is saying this isn’t life.” I had to walk away…

  • Rod Evans

    Christina…you say, “Most women do not choose abortion because it’s easy…they choose it because they have no hope.” May I ask, “No hope in what?” Redemption–remission of sins, a Savior, forgiveness, a clear conscience? Or do you mean things like, hope in support, understanding, acceptance, etc. I’m simply asking b/c using the word “hope” seems vague. Could you be so kind as to clarify? Thank you much.

    • Christina

      Hope is vague because for each person it means something different. Think outside the abortion issue…….think of a friend or a coworker or a family member and a conversations about hope. Each conversation you think of is probably about something different….a job, a college, a relationship,healing, maybe even the hope of a pregnancy. Well, it is the same for a woman considering abortion. We assume that everyone is thinking of God and forgiveness when they make a difficult decision, but if a person has never had a personal relationship with Christ, those thoughts are not relevant to them. There may be those who seek abortion for some “religious” reason but most are just trying to survive life. My mother worked at Planned Parenthood in the 1980s in Northern Virginia. The center she worked in (as an administrative assistant) did not offer abortion services in the office, they referred those clients to another location after counseling them. My mother has always been very candid about her experiences counseling pregnant women. These women viewed abortion as their only option….they had no hope of any other option working for them. I also remember a time many years ago when I worked with youth in Washington DC and one pregnant teen was in foster care because her mother kicked her out when she learned of the pregnancy. The father of the baby was another teen who wanted to be supportive, but his parents didn’t believe the baby was his. She seriously considered abortion because she felt abandoned and hopeless. Not hope in Christ….just hope for the future. As a Christian I want to offer hope to these women, not condemn them for a choice made in their darkest hour….a choice that will likely haunt them for the rest of their lives. I also don’t want my actions to push them away from Christ by condemning them as a murderer at a time when they are the most vulnerable. I am not saying we need to be accepting of abortion, just that shaming an unbeliever at their darkest hour is not the way to win souls to Christ, nor is it the way to save the unborn. Hope is the answer.

      • Matthew

        Amen! Thanks Christina. You are better at expressing yourself than I am. This is exactly what I was trying to get across in my comments.

        I would have no problem with people outside of an abortion clinic holding signs that might read, “Are you afraid and alone, I can help,” or “Jesus said, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”