August 9, 2012

Congratulations to Allyson Felix!

by Nathan Busenitz

Here is a link to the highlights from last night’s race.


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I started my career as a wide-eyed seminary student in July, 1999. Having just graduated from college, I began my studies at The Master’s Seminary with a concentrated 8-week course in beginning Greek. It was instant syllabus shock.

My instructor was a first-year professor named Paul Felix. He was tough, but fair (as every good seminary professor should be). And he quickly earned the respect and admiration of our entire class … even as we struggled to learned Greek vocabulary, parsing, and paradigms.


Ten years later, in 2009, I had the privilege of joining the full-time faculty of my alma mater … meaning that I now count Dr. Felix not only as one of my former instructors, but also as one of my colleagues. (Of course, now I’m the rookie.) I even sit next to him in our monthly faculty meetings.

So, you can imagine how excited I was for him and his family when his daughter, Allyson, won Olympic gold in the 200-meter dash last night.

Our entire seminary family has been cheering her on during these Olympic games. We are blessed to have her dad on our faculty, and encouraged to see his godly legacy represented in her life.

Paul’s influence on Allyson shines through in the testimony she gives during media interviews.

As she explained to Sports Illustrated:

My running is a gift from God; My success is not of myself. I know that my actions on and off the track should be a reflection of God, because people watch what you do and what you say. My father taught me that.

An article in the Baptist Press quoted her with these words:

My faith is definitely the most important aspect of my life. My dad is a pastor and I grew up in a very strong Christian home. Our family was very involved in our church. I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal savior at a very young age. Ever since then, I have continually been striving to grow in my relationship with God.

She recently told USA Today:

Growing up as a preacher’s kid has really grounded me. I’ve grown up with these amazing parents who are hard workers, and they truly live out their faith. They’ve been amazing role models for me. I feel like I really picked up on what they taught me and kept that with me all along in my running and in my career.

Words like that are certainly a testimony to the Lord’s work in Allyson’s life. They are also a wonderful testament to the consistent pattern of godliness modeled by her dad and mom.

So, from all of us at TMS — Congratulations, Allyson! And congratulations to your entire family too!

Nathan Busenitz

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Nathan serves on the pastoral staff of Grace Church and teaches theology at The Master's Seminary in Los Angeles.
  • Erik Lundeen

    From a fellow USC Trojan, congrats Allyson!

  • Very encouraging and inspiring.

  • Michael Delahunt

    I did not know that; congrats Allyson!!

  • Wes

    that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Budwig

    Allyson is my daughters’ favorite athlete and I could thing of no better competitor for them to emulate.  Gracious in victory and defeat, giving glory to God in all things.  Congratulations to her and her parents.

  • dan lauing

    When I saw her run the semi-finals I knew she was going to win gold. Such astounding, effortless running technique. Will meet her in heaven one day and talk about it!

  • Grendalyn Nevarez

    Very inspiring and a great role model for christian youth.

  • Yothamphir

    No wonder I waited for so long for her to win and got so happy when she did!

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  • PJ Tibayan

    Congrats Allyson! My wife and I were cheering for you and are proud of you! – PJ Tibayan (TMS Alumnus, 2006)

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  • Etienne Grobler

    Congrats Allyson!

  • Gary Van Daele

    With everybody wearing crosses and pointing to the sky only later to engage in boasting it is truely refreshing to see some authenticity in Christian wittness.  I Had Prof. Felix for D lab in seminary and I wish he was my dad!

  • karen

    What a sweet and saving legacy that faithful godly parents pass on to their children when they live out what they teach their children. You go Allyson! The light of Christ shines greater in you than any earthly gold medal you could ever win. Congratulations!

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