July 15, 2015

Civil Rights? Planned Parenthood sells baby bodies for cash

by Jesse Johnson

A few months ago I got to sit next to Congressman John Lewis on a flight from Atlanta back into Washington DC. If you are not familiar with him, Congressman Lewis is civil rights leader, and deserves much of the credit for getting African-Americans the right to vote. In 1963 he led the march across the bridge in Selma, was tear gassed by state troopers, and when he kneeled down to pray had his skull fractured by a police officer’s night-stick.

He is the one who, instead of being taken to the hospital, groped his way over the TV cameras and appealed directly to President Johnson. With his face covered in blood he plead for the President to call off the police, and to grant black Americans the right to vote.

Lewis has been beaten by a police officer on a horse, fire bombed while ridding on a bus, and attacked by a mob for riding a bus with white people. In fact, I recognized him when he sat next to me mostly because the scar from his skull fracture is still visible, even after 50 years.   

rep Lewis

On the flight Congressman Lewis and I talked about theology. He is an ordained Baptist minister and has a seminary degree from American Baptist Theological Seminary. We talked about why he left pastoral ministry for Congress, and if he regrets the change. I thanked him for how he has made this country better, and for his courage to risk his own life in order to do that. And then I asked him if he had any advice for me, as a young(er) pastor.

He told me to make sure I am never weary of speaking out against injustice. He gave me advice about preaching (“keep it simple and clear; don’t be too smart for your own good”) and he told me that I should reject his grandmother’s advice to “stay out of trouble.” Instead, he said, I should be willing to get into “good trouble” for justice.

Yesterday a video was released of Planned Parenthood’s medical director explaining how many Planned Parenthood facilities have refined their ability to perform abortions to maximize the profit from the baby’s organs (“Yesterday I got my first order for lungs…sometimes people want legs, and I tell them legs are easy, I can get those…”). By using an ultrasound during the abortion, the abortionist is able to “crush below and above” the top selling baby organs.

Meanwhile, US law prohibits the sale of “fetus tissue and organs” if that sale was approved before the abortion. Moreover, Planned Parenthood was started by Margret Sanger as a way to limit reproduction of African Americans. Finally, keep in mind that Planned Parenthood opposes making birth control pills available over-the-counter.

Basically, their entire business model is structured around making birth control expensive, then doing cheap abortions, and then (the newly-revealed missing piece of their profit puzzle) selling the baby’s parts.

To me, the connection between the civil rights movement and the pro-life movement is obvious. Both oppose radical social injustice that had become institutionalized. Both segregation and abortion were overtly meant to control the African-American population. Both dehumanize people to the extent that they are treated like property. And now the historic connection to slavery is even more evident: both slavery and abortion are defended from the perspective of, “This person is my property, and I can sell him at a profit if I want to!”

It is still my hope that leaders like Congressman Lewis and others, who have been so vocal in the civil right movements of their generation, will see the wholesale slaughter of these image bearers as the real civil rights battle of our generation.

Jesse Johnson

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Jesse is the Teaching Pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA. He also leads The Master's Seminary Washington DC location.
  • T Howard

    Jessie, isn’t the constant argument that “Planned Parenthood was started by Margret Sanger as a way to limit reproduction of African Americans” a genetic fallacy? People who currently run PP have said they don’t agree with Sanger’s perspectives, so why continue to make that point?

    • Jordan Standridge

      That’s like saying…We used to love murdering and selling the bodies of only black people but now we still love doing it but we murder other people as well. When a company was started in order to exterminate a specific group of people that should tell you something. A company that was founded on evil principles that still does evil, is evil. The day that Planned parenthood stops murdering people and starts selling pizza is the day that “they don’t agree with Sanger’s perspectives” anymore.

      • pearlbaker

        Very good observation Jordan. Evil is evil and we ought to continue to expose it, its roots and its father (of lies). It matters not what something has allegedly morphed into (in its own estimation) if its evil intent and practices are still the same. I have a good one for you…unrelated, except for the source of its evil…Mormonism. Looks really respectable these days and does everything it can to hide the lies upon which it was based…but all it is now is just a bigger, better lying machine. Just as Planned Parenthood is just a bigger, better lying machine…better at lying and greed and murder, that is.

      • T Howard

        Jordan, I’m not supporting PP, but I think we need to stop using the eugenics argument in our opposition to PP because we’re committing a genetic fallacy.

        • Jordan Standridge

          I hear what you are saying, I do not think that this is a genetic fallacy though. The eugenic argument is used not as THE proof for why PP is a demonic organization but as A proof of it and a strong one at that. If nazi’s were still actively killing Jews but also everyone else, I don’t think you would be asking us to stop using the eugenics argument as one of the proofs of why they are evil. A hate for Black people started PP and they continue to be evil today. If a company is founded because of an evil reason and still does evil today, then I think it is legitimate to point to the evil reason it started as proof that the whole thing is a mess.

        • 4Commencefiring4

          Lots of large corporations, Chase Bank, Ford, Kodak, and others, as well as the Bush family, had direct or indirect ties to the Nazis during the war, and the left today never misses an opportunity to use that to demonize any one of them. So PP should stand ready to own up to who their founder was.

          PP has been responsible for the loss of about half of the black population, yet I never see “Black Lives Matter” signs at PP clinics. Every time a black baby is aborted, another (likely Democratic) future vote is lost. That helps explain their push to get more people in here from other countries: they need to make up for the loss of votes happening at the abortion mills.

        • Eric Dodson

          They may say that they no longer hold Sanger’s views, But they’re still murdering African American babies at a significantly higher rate than other ethnic groups. So, while their words may have changed, the practical outworking hasn’t.

        • Bottom line the catalyst for the inception of planned parent is still an extremely relevant narrative to repeat. The philosophy of Eugenics has not gone anywhere. It is still very much alive in liberal circles, particularly in academia. Some people don’t see it to be merely incidental that PP by overwhelming numbers is serving those below the poverty line. Making there services easy, and convenient. In the eyes of the liberal, socialist, these babies are unwanted accidents who put an unwanted burden on the system.

      • He then proceeds to drop the mic.

    • I think I might blog on that question tomorrow. Short answer though is you can go to PP’s webpage at this very second and see how they esteem Sanger as “one of our greatest heroes.” So, no, I don’t think it is a fallacy.

  • Johnny


  • Christina

    I agree that the concept of selling the parts of aborted babies is horrible, however….this video does little to prove that is what is happening. I hope there is a full investigation to determine whether this is selling of body parts or a transport fee for donation to science (as Planned Parenthood asserts)….and a prosecution if this is proven true via credible evidence (not so sure about this group that posted the video….not a whole lot of information about them is available). Unfortunately, not even prosecution will change the nations view of abortion law….only our show of God’s love to those who are lost can do that.

  • fundamentals

    Hypocrisy runs deep in politicians.

  • GinaRD

    I hope so as well!

  • Still Waters

    I’m going to be pessimistic, and predict that this will change nothing. Planned Parenthood’s defense that the doctor was only speaking of the process of patients donating fetal tissue for scientific research, as abhorrent as even that idea is, is probably correct. There is nothing in the clip (which did not help the cause by being very strangely edited) which would contradict their claim. I despise the organization, but they are too clever to be caught red-handed. What they do with the aborted fetuses is no doubt disturbing, but they will have made sure it is legal, if only barely. It is chilling what the public will ignore, if only it is given the veneer of respectability. Such as the aid for population control foreign policies by Presidents Johnson and Nixon – millions were forcibly sterilized in India because that is the only way the country could get aid from the U.S. The lack of girls in India is the direct result of those foreign policies.

  • Val Kukec

    The fact that Mr. Lewis is a democrat tells me that he believes that the democrats have always championed the civil rights for blacks, when in fact it was always the republican party. The blood on his face from the 1963 march was from the democrat south. Mr. Lewis’ party is on the wrong side of every issue including its ever increasing hostility towards Christianity. This false teacher and enemy of all thats good did the right thing by leaving the ministry its better that he doesn’t deceive those in his church by leading them away from Christ. He is now with his fellow deceivers in government.If he wants to fight injustice in government and regain his soul he can start by leaving the democrat party. I pray he repents and gets right with God while he still lives. Mr Johnson I question your discernment if you think this man is someone worth putting on a pedestal.

    • T Howard

      Val, first breathe. Second, realize that the old southern Democrat party is the current southern Republican party.

    • I do respect John Lewis. He was willing to get attacked repeatedly for the goal of making our country a better place. I’m grateful for his courage, and thankful that my girls can have friends with different color skin themselves.

  • george canady

    We are thankful to the Lord as He is opening up the eyes to some American Christians as to the connection that you have made here. It seems that we the church must continue to remember our historic participation in the one if we are to be taken seriously in the denouncement of both of these historic atrocities. Your boldness here is commendable and I am sure it will get you into some “good trouble”.

  • Odd that you would want pastoral advice, or even advice on injustice, from a man that supports both abortion, even partial birth abortion, and one who supports gay marriage.



  • Dave O

    Conversing on the strategic killing of children is terrible, doing it over a meal is demonstrative of the true level of evil this person has set about to be normal for themselves.

  • It would be incredible if we saw the same kind of peaceful marches from the 60s conducted in front of every Planned Parenthood in the nation until they are all shut down.

    • totally. But then there is this: the civil rights marches worked because they were covered by the press. My first March for Life was attended by 500,000 people, in the snow (!), and received almost zero press. So what do we do now? What will it take to capture people’s common sense of morality? I know the video is a great start.

      • I agree…it may take a grass roots movement to coordinate these kinds of “marches”. I’ve seen them done before where dozens of Christians “picket” the mills with signs in protest, with the clinic even shutting down for the day. I think with social media, such coordinated protests could easily be done, and may be the very thing that gets the media’s attention, especially if the PPs lose money because of them. Of course, these “marches” would just be one of many means to demand Congress to defined PP and shut them down. I also think now is a better time than ever given this latest video.

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  • Karl Heitman

    Superb article. “… be willing to get into ‘good trouble’ for justice.” I agree, but I have the suspicion that some men in our camp would quibble because it would be somewhat rebellious against the gov’t to make “good trouble.” Know what I’m sayin’?

  • tovlogos

    Utterly fantastic essay, Jesse.
    Lewis’ life is one of the things that made me a cynic, which I had to pray away, which was the path to godliness. It was one of those lives that gave me crystal clear vision of this world, from which I was carefully
    sheltered by my parents in my youth.
    I was slipping back into cynicism when I read reports that the police were all good people, except for a handful of “bad cops.” I was expected to believe that a country saturated in racism stopped at the police dept.
    Furthermore, the abortion situation is what it is because the entire medical system is motivated by profit. It’s great for emergency services; but other than that its motivation is to hold people captive to drugs and surgeries. Most doctors keep up to date of new medical research by pharmaceutical companies; and they have very little understanding of the chemistry of drugs; or they don’t care.
    The component of godlessness in the system turns harts very hard which exacerbates an already corrupt system.

    No problem, God has let man live by his own devices; the damage is obvious; yet reprobacy has blinded the Christ-rejecting world.

    Cripplegate is a good example of the true church, i.e., the Remnant. True believers exist on every piece of real estate; though they don’t grow on trees. So be it.

  • Ann

    Love you, Jesse, but I need to make one fine dinstinction. The Fifteenth Amendment, which gave all men the right to vote regardless of race or color was ratified in 1870. I doubt Mr. Lewis was alive then! I believe you meant to write that he was instrumental in protecting voters’ rights. The Jim Crow laws made it difficult for many to vote, but they definitely already had the right to vote.

    • True Ann. That’s even evident in President Johnson’s speech about the voting right’s act: “We need to pass legislation to make it illegal to block people’s right to vote.” In other words the right was there in theory, but not in practice.

  • David Gough

    Interesting article, but isn’t Lewis pro-choice? I applaud your motive, but not sure you made the connection and drew the conclusion that needed to be made.

    • Lewis is not only “pro-choice” but is one of the most pro-abortion congressmen. I really hope that one day he realizes the connection between the civil right’s movement and the anti-abortion movement.

  • I’m going to close this thread. If you want to talk about Planned Parenthood, see my post today: http://thecripplegate.com/planned-parenthood-and-evil/