December 28, 2011

A guide to our series

by C-Gate Links

The blogging medium is perfect for making a polemic point without the constraints of the format of a journal article and without the length of a book. But the downside is that a step-by-step argument spread over several days can lose its momentum and seem sort of piecemeal. Plus there is simply the practical issue: where do you find the links to the entire series?

The Cripplegate has run a few such series, so I thought it would be helpful to give all the links in one spot.

Eric Davis, who pastors a church that he planted in Jackson Hole, WY, did a series on common mistakes church planters make:

1. An introduction and an overview of the series: Cautions for church planters.

2. A warning about the idolotry of “mission”: Church planters and missionolatry.

3. A warning about church planters willing to do whatever it takes to grow: Church-planting and pragmatism.

4. A warning about losing sight of the importance of the Sunday morning sermon: Church-planting and pulpit priority.

5. A warning about seeing church planting as the end for which God created the world: Church-planting and idolatry.


Josh Thiessen did a series on training the next generation of church leaders:

1. An introduction to the series: The next generation.

2. The art of informal discipleship: Part 1.

3. Formal discipleship: Part 2.

4. Elder training: Part 3.


Jesse Johnson did a series on a biblical approach to mercy ministry:

1. Why the critique is needed: Dispensationalism, Keller, and the poor.

2. An overview of the series: Biblical pillars for mercy ministry.

3. Difference between personal and church-wide commands: Are all biblical commands corporate?

4. How mercy ministry is an individual’s command: My church loves the poor, so I don’t have to.

5. The story of the good Samaritan: Only God is good, and that includes Samaritans.

6. How dispensationalism affects mercy ministry: Discontinuity: the poor, Israel, and the church.

7. Are we building the kingdom? Mercy ministry is not kingdom work.

8. Mercy ministry done well: Examples of mercy ministry.


Nate Busenitz had a group of posts on the topic of cessationism:

1. An overview of cessationism: What cessationism is not.

2. Why the end of the gift of Apostleship matters: Are there Apostles today?

3. What the real gift of tongues was: Two types of tongues?

4. The charsmatic distortion of the gifts: Facebook gibberish and the real gift of tongues.


Mike Riccardi did a series from 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 on principles for faithfulness in Gospel ministry:

1. We must know the purpose of our ministry. Is it Amusing the Goats or Calling the Sheep?

2. We must know the problem we’re trying to solve: Blindness to the glory of Christ.

3. We must know the proclamation; namely, not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord.

4. As an extension of not preaching ourselves, we are to know ourselves as heralds, not orators.

5. And we must know the prescription for spiritual blindness: God’s shining the light of His glory in the face of Christ.


Mike  also just wrapped up a series from John 1:14 on Christmas according to John:

1. The Word has become flesh and has made His dwelling — He has tabernacled — among men.

2. There is an inseparable connection between the dwelling of God and His glory that fills that dwelling place.

3. Jesus is the ultimate divine self-expression and the paramount dwelling place of God.

If any of these series were helpful to you, we’d love to know. Or if there is a topic connected to one of them that you really want to see a post on, please leave a comment below.

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    Friends, do you have an email address by which I can contact you?

    • Subscribe to the blog in the top right corner of the screen. Then reply to the daily emails you get.

  • Mike

    Is there anyway that you could combine the articles and have a link to one pdf of the whole series?

    • I’m open to suggestions on how to do that. Absent that, this page is probably the best solution.

      • You could add a category in the black banner at the top next to The Team and title it Teaching Series or whatever. Then under that parent page list each series as a child page with all of its links there. That way they’d be easily accessible and you could add series.

        • Good idea. Actually, internal to the site, they are tagged. We could just activate the tag feature and that would do the same thing. I’ll wait till the new year and figure out what the best thing is to do.

  • S_tromburg

    This is great! Thanks so much .

  • Anonymous

    Jesse, your series on mercy ministry and related teaching on evangelism have been the most helpful to me. Just this morning I was trying to figure out how to read those articles again.

    You have changed the way I view what would otherwise be mundane chores. Life takes on a certain sparkle as I realize the clerk at Walgreens is purposefully within my sphere for the sake of the gospel!