March 6, 2013

3 ways to help me get the gospel to the unreached

by d p

africaThe Lord has provided me with an opportunity to advance the gospel through frontier missions. I recently returned from a visit to a Central African nation that has 11 million people dispersed among 130 distinct ethno-linguistic groups. Many of these groups remain entirely unreached and unengaged for the gospel. I had the opportunity to study one of these languages this past year. There are roughly 50,000 people that speak this language, and there is currently no written alphabet. There are no missionaries working among this people group. There is no church. There are zero believers.

And yet the door remains open for the gospel. Even though the country has a Muslim government, they still grant missionary visas, which is almost unheard of for a Muslim country. This makes it possible to do full-time ministry without having to spend time trying to creatively stay in the country.  

Ever since my conversion, the Lord has given me a strong desire to take the gospel to a part of the world that still—2,000 years after the great commission—has yet to receive it. And recently the Lord has opened up what seems to be the right opportunity

After graduating from The Master’s Seminary, I have spent the past few years getting a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics through the University of North Dakota. This has given me the necessary training to research undocumented languages, develop new alphabets, and to teach people how to read and write their own language. The goal of all of this is to translate the Bible into languages that do not yet have God’s word.

The Lord then gave me the opportunity to spend a year in this country, with the people group that I want to minister with. I got to see first hand that this is a place filled with difficulties, yet one where I would enjoy living.  I have since returned to the States and to my sending church (in Florida), where God has continued to prepare me through discipling other believers, evangelism, and preaching. It is humbling to look back at how the Lord has used these past several years of my life to grow me in maturity and prepare me for living in a difficult and impoverished country.

While the Lord has been preparing me for frontier missions, the door to that people group in Africa has remained open. But for me to walk through it, there remains the need to raise both prayer and financial support. This is exciting for me, as it allows others to actively be involved in bringing the gospel to distant lands. It is a privilege to not only be personally supported by the gifts of others, but also to know that the Lord is raising up an army within his church to take part in showing the majesty of his name among those who have never heard. The needs of the gospel are certainly great in this country, and it is overwhelming thinking of all the unreached people groups that are open to hear the gospel, and it is my desire to partner with others through prayer and giving, so that together we can share the eternal reward for our efforts in advancing the gospel.

Here is how you can partner with me:

africa sunsetGoing: If you are interested in serving in an undeveloped Muslim country and living among an unreached people group, there are many opportunities. Teachers, nurses, doctors, eye specialists, dentists, engineers, farmers, pastors, and others who have a passion for Jesus Christ and a desire to proclaim his name to those who have never heard can all be used by him in reaching the lost in this country.

Praying: that the Lord will raise up others who are willing to join me in serving among this people group and that more missionaries will be sent to this country that is ripe for harvest.

Pray that Scripture may be translated into their language and that the Holy Spirit may give new life to many people in this country.

Pray for a faithful church to be planted among this unengaged people group.

Ask the Lord to provide the necessary financial support so I can return to this difficult field.

I don’t ask for these requests lightly. Read yesterday’s post for more details on the vital role prayer plays in reaching the unreached.

Giving: Consider partnering with me by supporting me financially. I need to raise just over $2,000 a month to cover my visa, in country expenses, and supplies needed to learn their language, and teach the people there how to read and write.

If you are interested in partnering with me by praying or giving, please go to my website. It will ask you to register, and once you do that, you can see the details of where I am going, on how you can labor with me to reach this group who are in desperate need of the gospel.

d p


DP is a graduate of The Master's Seminary, and currently lives in Central Africa where he is translating the Bible for an unreached people group.
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